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  • The Mortgage Professor, Wharton Professor of Finance Emeritus Jack Guttentag has a wealth of information, articles, calculators, specific advice, Q&A, and even policy statements.  He also pilots an “up front mortgage lender” program, designed to increase transparency about mortgage fees.
  • A video presentation from a Commerce Bank affiliate on landlord mortgages.

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  • Jane Gasek, former chemist and teacher, on how she became a landlord, how she screens tenants, and some of what makes landlording hilarious and sad (20 min video and transcript).
  • Peter Haroutian, former psychologist and HUD manager, on market run-ups, landlord tenant philosophy, and divorce with assets. We also get some insight into how a judge’s personality may be an important factor in court, and compare Massachusetts to other states in terms of landlord tenant laws.
  • Sandra Katz, former child welfare social worker and salesperson in New York, became a Massachusetts real estate agent, landlord and past president of the Worcester Property Owners Association. Her business, QPM Services, managed hundreds of residential rental units in and around Worcester, MA as of July 21, 2016, when the interview was recorded. She has been in rental real estate for 20 years.
  • Russ Haims, has been managing properties for the past 31 years. He’s our local expert on real estate investment and management. In this interview, Russ offered advanced insights on maximizing rental profits while simultaneously streamlining your rental business.Click here to watch Russ’ interview at the WPOA meeting (May 2016)
  • Skip Schloming and Lenore Monello-Schloming, have been managing properties and landlording since the early years of their marriage. The couple sits on the board of the Small Property Owners Association, also known as SPOA, and recently resigned as President and Executive Director. They began helping Lenore’s father manage properties in the mid-sixties when rent control emerged and have pretty much been in the business ever since. In this interview, they elaborate on the horrors of rent control and why it was ultimately stopped with a major effort on the part of SPOA.
  • Member Spotlight: An Interview with Rich Trifone, Landlord and Realtor






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Rental Agreements

Most of the nitty gritty on rental agreements can be found above on the “Forms” page.  The links here are for broader discussion and insight.

Repairs and Renovations

We urge landlords and property managers to follow safety protocol and/or call a professional for any repair that might be hazardous. Unfortunately, a great Revere landlord, who was only trying to help his tenants and family, was recently killed while trying to investigate a problem with a malfunctioning boiler in his owner-occupied rental property. DIY is fine when you truly know what you’re doing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with dangerous repairs.

Snow and Ice

Subsidized Housing


Tenant Screening and Relations




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