MassLandlords Helpline Launched

In February of 2019, MassLandlords started offering new and existing members “Helpline” access for legal information, business advice, and personalized attorney referrals. By purchasing the Helpline once, member businesses can designate one point of contact to talk to MassLandlords staff counselors on any issue, any number of times, any number of issues during the next year. The MassLandlords Helpline compliments events, the service provider directory, and the messages boards as another way to get needed information and assistance.

If only all rental problems were this cute! The helpline will offer assistance with the worst problems you can have, including fires, eviction, and property damage.

We have been piloting the MassLandlords Helpline since August 2018. Initially we charged members hourly on a “pay as you go” model. Pay-as-you-go services will remain available for more intensive interactions. This includes mediation, talking with renters, and visiting properties for on-site evaluations. We will also use pay-as-you-go counseling for issues from members who haven’t purchased Helpline access.

The MassLandlords Helpline is intended to work like insurance. Most members with the add-on will not need to make a claim. Those few members who have an issue can receive “preventative medicine” check-in’s, hopefully averting a more serious issue. The small minority of members with disasters will receive a large amount of one-on-one help from MassLandlords staff. If you like the idea of having someone to call for early intervention and/or disaster assistance, add the Helpline to your membership today.

Our lead counselors are Peter Shapiro, in Jamaica Plain, and Sue McMahon, in West Springfield. We have a network of attorneys standing by for referrals at disclosed rates, as well. (If you are an attorney and would like to be listed for referrals, email your rate and service area to subject: “Helpline attorney.”)

For pricing and full details, join as a member, or log in and visit the member home page.

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The MassLandlords Helpline can be purchased immediately after signing up for base membership.

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  1. stewart paskalis says:

    Hi, I ran out of Mass tenant at will rental forms. I am in Worcester. Could you please email me a form as I have a prospective applicant tenant coming in tomorrow. Thank you

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