The Massachusetts Minimum Wage is now $11/hr, and Remember Sick Time

Updates on minimum wage increase, workplace posters, and sick time.

Landlords take note: employees at minimum wage must now be paid $11/hr. This is an increase over the $10/hr minimum wage last year. Read the Attorney General’s press release.
Employers are required to display a poster in a conspicuous place that lists fair wage and labor practices. Think of it as compulsory civil awareness:

Every employer shall post, in a place conspicuous to employees, a workplace notice issued by the Commonwealth containing the basic minimum wage rates and such other provisions of M.G.L. c. 151 and 454 CMR 27.00 as the law or the Director may require. The workplace notice shall be posted in English, and in any other language that is spoken by 5% or more of the employer’s workforce and for which a translated notice in that language is available from the Commonwealth.

Remember also that all employers are required to grant unpaid sick time at the rate of one hour per thirty hours worked. All employers with eleven or more employees are required to grant paid sick time. Up to 40 hours per year must be allowed in either case.  See MGL Ch 149 Section 148C.

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