Ford’s Pest of the Month: Spiders

Flickr Scragz - Aphonopelma seemanni front view

Flickr Scragz – Aphonopelma seemanni front view

Little Miss Muffett was frightened away by a spider just sitting with her, why? Many people are afraid of spiders. Spiders are often portrayed as huge bloodthirsty creatures in horror movies. Spiders are not blood feeders and do not go out of their way to bite.  Biting is a defensive act or way to capture food.

Spiders are quite smart in that they know other insects such as moths are attracted to light so this is the area you will find heavy webbing and spiders hunting. Spiders live and hunt in rock walls, woodpiles, closets, garages, basements and other out-of the way areas. If your lighting happens to be right by a frequently used door you can expect more spiders to be attracted close to the home. Some spiders build webs that insects fly into and get stuck and other spiders actively hunt for their prey.

Our technicians can provide relief from spiders by performing a treatment to areas around the foundation and the interior basement. Insect monitors are also great for catching spiders inside. Spider webs can alert our technicians to other insect problems just by what is in the web. We have found termite infestations and carpenter ant infestations just by looking at a spider web. A heavy infestation of spiders often indicates another insect problem is present because spiders will stay in areas where food is prevalent.   With regular Pest Management, spiders can be eliminated from inside your home. Are you beeing bugged? Contact us at FORDSHOMETOWN.COM

Geoffrey Ford, Vice President

Ford’s Hometown Services

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