Massachusetts Housing Policy

This part of the site is where we discuss proposed changes to Massachusetts housing policy, meaning all laws and regulations that impact housing, particularly rental housing. (For information on current laws that landlords have to follow, see our Massachusetts Landlord Tenant Laws page.)

Not all Massachusetts housing policy changes discussed here are endorsed; some of what we discuss is strongly opposed.

Massachusetts Housing Policy Topic Areas:

We will add commentary and documents over time.

2019 – 2020 Legislative Session, Massachusetts Housing Policy Bills

MassLandlords has not taken a position on all bills below. When we are able to read and understand the intent, we will compare this with our Policy Priorities Survey and make an endorsement or statement of opposition.

Bills of note by topic:

Bills by number:

Candidate Endorsements

MassLandlords will endorse issues on either side of the aisle at the municipal, state, or federal level according to our Policy Priorities Survey. We do not endorse candidates. All candidates are welcome to use our events to network with attendees for no cost, and bring literature and team members. Check with our local events teams for details.

Massachusetts Housing Policy Fun Facts

The National Multifamily Housing Council and the National Apartment Association have collaborated on Apartments – We Live Here, a study with interesting statistics:

  • There are roughly 800,000 apartment residents in Massachusetts
  • The rental industry contributes $21 billion to the Commonwealth’s economy
  • Including servicing apartment residents, on-site management, and construction, the industry sustains 190,000 jobs

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September 2020 Update

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Massachusetts Housing Policy Accomplishments

MassLandlords volunteers and staff have been active participants in Massachusetts housing policy discussions since we launched in 2014.

  • 2019 May: Davis v Comerford amicus brief arguing that rent escrow is not unlawful.
  • 2019 April 6: Oral testimony to HUD indicating the need to shorten Section 8 lease-up times.
  • 2018 October 15: Submitted testimony to HUD for Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule changes
  • 2018 January 8: Oral Arguments for RPM Services v Hatcher
    • Supported oral arguments before the Supreme Judicial Court on how court-sanctioned actions could not trigger automatic triple damages. Several other arguments were advanced; the triple damages argument at least prevailed.
  • 2017 October 7: Sanitary Code Testimony
    • Provided written testimony on a proposed rewrite of the state sanitary code.
    • Pointed out 30 oversights, misconceptions, and bad ideas, some of which would put landlords especially in Franklin County out of business.
  • 2017 September 21: State-wide Policy Forum
    • Established grassroots foundations for future policy work.
  • 2016 March: Meikle v Nurse Amicus Brief.
    • Submitted brief to Supreme Judicial Court arguing that when a landlord owes $3 in security deposit interest this should not stop an eviction, especially if the renter owes $3,000 in rent.
  • 2016 March: Senate Special Commission on Housing Final Report
    • Major contributor to several key areas of report.
    • First public endorsement of “Insurance Against Homelessness” aka Landlord Tenant Guarantee Fund.
  • 2014 October 8: Small Business Candidates’ Night
    • Moderated by Ray Mariano, Mayor of Worcester ’93 to ’01
    • Attended by eventual winners of Lt. Governor, Auditor, and Senate races
  • 2013 November: First “Town Hall” for candidates, held in Worcester.

Recent Survey Results

Further Reading on Massachusetts Housing Policy

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