Massachusetts Housing Policy

This part of the site is where we discuss proposed changes to laws and regulations (together “Massachusetts housing policy”) that affect housing in Massachusetts, with particular emphasis on rental housing. Not all changes discussed are changes we propose or endorse. Some are quite bad, in fact; here is where we explain why.

The major topic areas:

We will add commentary and documents over time.

Candidate Endorsements

We don’t endorse candidates. As Charles Dow is rumored to have said, paraphrased, “Ideas don’t disappoint but candidates always do.” Closest online citation via John Fund, then of the Wall Street Journal, here.

Fun Facts

The National Multifamily Housing Council and the National Apartment Association have collaborated on Apartments – We Live Here, a study with interesting statistics:

  • There are roughly 800,000 apartment residents in Massachusetts
  • The rental industry contributes $21 billion to the Commonwealth’s economy
  • Including servicing apartment residents, on-site management, and construction, the industry sustains 190,000 jobs

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Massachusetts Housing Policy Accomplishments

MassLandlords volunteers and staff have been active participants in Massachusetts housing policy discussions since we launched in 2014.

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