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Updated to show a PowerPoint wireframe: With rent control or rent stabilization coming up in 2024, we need to quickly show that two-word solutions can’t fix the housing crisis.
Boston defied orders from state Supervisor of Records to show emails from nonprofit and for-profit developers, favored over renters and housing operators alike in both appointments and final proposal.
tatewide Virtual Meeting Wed Dec 13th: Daikin Special Opportunity For Zero Emissions Retrofit
The MassLandlords crash course in landlording and rental real estate customized for Massachusetts. Top shelf real estate training and education.
Rent control, touted as an ideal solution by some, was less than stellar for tenants and landlords.
The Nov. 14 Joint Committee on Housing hearing lasted nearly 6 hours, with multiple bills on the docket. We brought your voices and testified.
MassLandlords’ ongoing Policy Priorities Survey provides a forum for members to impact our public policies and actions on housing and landlord issues
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