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Membership is open to anyone who rents property, however large or small, and those who can help landlords, like attorneys and contractors. Each membership supports better landlord-tenant laws.


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Dozens of Foundations Failing in Hampden, Worcester Counties

Foundations poured in eastern Hampden or western Worcester county are cracking. Two owners in Longmeadow (different from the couple pictured)recently made headlines for their plans to jack up their house, scoop out tainted concrete, and repour their foundation, at an estimated cost of $325,000. Some suspect JJ Mottes Quarry in…

Boston Bans Airbnb for Investors

On Wednesday June 13 the people of the City of Boston through their City Council banned short-term rentals except under a few allowable circumstances. The effect is to ban short-term rentals for all investors. At time of writing, the ordinance required signing by the Mayor, who was expected to sign.…

Tenant Screening versus Employee Screening

By Peter Vickery, Esq., Legislative Affairs Counsel In addition to owning rental property, perhaps you also employ a few people, e.g. maintenance and administrative personnel. Wearing your employer hat, imagine that you have a position to fill and three people apply. You already know that there are certain questions that…


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