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This is a cartoon drawing of an elderly man and woman with white hair embracing in front of a white picket fence with yellow house in the background. The Massachusetts Tenancy Preservation Program: Helping At-Risk Tenants Avoid Eviction

By Kimberly Rau, MassLandlords, Inc. The Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP) is a homelessness prevention program that acts as a neutral party between landlord and tenant. It attempts to find solutions for disabled renters who are facing eviction because of disability-related behavior. TPP specialists work with landlords, tenants and housing courts…

This is a cartoon image of a large apartment complex in the background, with a green Dumpster out front. Several white and blue mattresses are piled on the ground beside the dumpster. State of Massachusetts Bans Mattress and Textile Disposal as of Nov. 1

By Kimberly Rau, MassLandlords, Inc. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) expanded its waste disposal ban as of Nov. 1, 2022, to include mattresses and textiles. As any landlord will tell you, mattresses are frequently left behind in rental units when the tenant moves out. Under the new ban,…

Map of the United States color coded to illustrate amounts of property tax paid in each county across the nation. How Much Are Your Massachusetts Property Taxes?

By Eric Weld, MassLandlords, Inc. Massachusetts property taxes are among the highest in the nation. They often make a sizable impact on landlords’ bottom lines, chipping revenue down to unsustainable levels or even forcing some to exit the industry. Very few people enjoy paying property taxes (or any taxes for…