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Right of First Refusal Vetoed

The letter below was sent to members around 11pm January 14, 2021. — Hello MassLandlords Reader, We learned at 7:58 this evening, confirmed approximately one hour later, that the right of first refusal (section 83 of 191-H5250) has been vetoed by the Governor. At time of sending, there has been…

The Conditions of Massachusetts Rentals under Rent Control: A Retrospective

By Kimberly Rau, MassLandlords Writer Rent control began in Massachusetts in the 1970s, and lasted until a ballot initiative repealed it across the state in 1994. Today, high rental housing costs have many interested in bringing back rent control. However, the reality of cost-controlled rent left many landlords unable to…

The Governor, Legislature Need to Hear from You on H.5250 Right of First Refusal

Our elected officials depend on a connection with their constituents to get reelected. If they aren’t aware of what’s good and bad, they will make bad choices. You may be the only person who is calling them about an issue. Every voice matters. Right of First Refusal 191-H5250 was Vetoed…