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MassLandlords is the landlord trade association for Massachusetts. We have lease agreements, eviction notices, and every other kind of landlord help you need.

Membership is open to anyone who rents property, however large or small, and those who can help landlords, like attorneys and contractors. Each membership supports better landlord-tenant laws.


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you need to know about these recent discrimination cases You Need to Know about these Recent Discrimination Cases

“The landlord is allegedly responsible for putting down the tenant’s seeing eye dog.” Two recent discrimination cases serve as reminders of the difficult landlord-tenant climate in Massachusetts. Murder of a Seeing Eye Dog? The attorney general has filed for equitable remedy on behalf of a blind tenant in East Wareham,…

lead paint and politics neighborhood_lead_chart Lead Paint and Politics: How MassLandlords Hopes to Make a Difference by Being not Radical but Centrist

Landlords have a valid, overlooked viewpoint, and we want it represented in comprehensive, sensible public policy. American politics is characterized by apathy, in which the majority of voters leave it up to only two parties to play to the fringes of the political spectrum. During primary season, the Democrats swing…

fords_2016_09_yellow_jackets Ford’s Pest of the Month: Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are considered beneficial social wasps feeding on sweet secretions and other insects but can become a homeowner’s worst nightmare.  The fertilized queen from the prior fall is the only survivor of the winter.  In the spring, she seeks a nesting site in wall voids, stonewalls, in the ground,…


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