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How to Install a Window Air Conditioner in a Vinyl Replacement Window with Vinyl Siding

Most window air conditioners are designed to fit in most windows. Vinyl windows, however, are usually not designed for the weight of window air conditioners. And if your building has vinyl siding, as well, it may crack when a “window air conditioner mount” is used. This article gives guidance to…

letter from the executive director, logo Letter from the Executive Director for August 2020: Political Opportunism

In July the forces arrayed against consensus-oriented policy worked furiously to achieve partisan goals before the end of the legislative session. None passed, but now the session has been extended through to January. All the worst ideas therefore remain under consideration, requiring sustained opposition from housing providers. The eviction moratorium…

Oppose TOPA Consolidated Amendment A to “An Act enabling partnerships for growth”

There is a bill before the legislature that would prevent you from selling your property into an LLC you owned, or to your children, or to any desired recipient. Consolidated Amendment “A” to H.4879 H.4887 An Act enabling partnerships for growth Consolidated Amendment A to H.4879 H.4887, about to be…