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This image is a cartoon drawing of a group of about 12 people standing on the street outside an apartment building. Two are holding a large banner that reads “Main Street Tenants Union.” Other people are holding smaller signs that read “Free Cable,” “Lower Rent,” “Vote for Me,” “Better Lease Terms,” “Yes to Pets,” “I Want to Open a Home Laundry Service” and “I’m Just Here for the Free Pizza.” How to Avoid a Retaliation Complaint from Your Tenants

By Kimberly Rau, MassLandlords, Inc. As a landlord in Massachusetts, you have rights when it comes to your rental properties. You don’t need a reason to terminate a tenancy or raise the rent. However, there are times when doing so can land you in hot water. If your tenant believes…

letter from the executive director, logo Letter from the Executive Director for August 2022: Session End

July looks almost frenetic in retrospect, despite MassLandlords reducing our event frequency for the summer. The 192nd legislative session drew to a close, bringing with it a flurry of policy activity. We also were active participants in the payments and water heating industries. Numerous member services were improved. Massachusetts operates…

Worcester event attendees sit gathered around tables of eight listening to a speaker at the front of the room. Dinner has been served. Returning to In-Person Events: Headwinds and New Formats

By Douglas Quattrochi, Executive Director Many members, especially members who have been in business with us a long time, are eagerly looking forward to a return to in-person networking and training events. Landlord groups around Massachusetts have been meeting in-person for decades, but the pandemic disrupted and perhaps permanently changed…