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For Landlords, Property Managers and Investors of All Sizes:

An outline of the eviction process in Massachusetts, from a landlord's point of view, with estimated landlord costs and timeline.
Talking points to share with renters.
Qualified Opportunity Zones of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 allow investors to improve certain land or businesses and pay no capital gains on their investment, conditions apply.
193 H.4356 the HOMES Act would seal eviction records and cancel debts. It will hurt housing providers, good renters, the courts and many more.
Imagine a piece of your idle, unbuildable land becoming a tax-free thriving mid-city forest providing clean air, greenery and improved aesthetic for an urban community.
Marlborough Dinner Meeting Tue May 14th: From Listed to Rented: Tips and Tricks for Smoother Placements
The MassLandlords hourly helpline service provides legal information and business advice from non-attorney counselors.
Boston defied orders from state Supervisor of Records to show emails from nonprofit and for-profit developers, favored over renters and housing operators alike in both appointments and final proposal.
These forms are required to give a Massachusetts tenant notice to quit and start an eviction. We’ve updated them to remind you why it's a good idea to hire an attorney before serving a notice.