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Membership is open to anyone who rents property, however large or small, and those who can help landlords, like attorneys and contractors. Each membership supports better landlord-tenant laws.


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Recent News Stories Pile onto Landlords

“Landlord” in newspaper headlines is usually a dirty word. Subscriptions to the print edition of our newsletter support even-handed housing journalism. One landlord in Georgia recently made international headlines when the fire department evacuated tenants from their second-floor apartments. If the reporter had done their job, the story might have…

How to Get a Bat out of an Apartment

A DIY article for landlords wanting to know how to get a bat out of an apartment. Discusses permanent exclusion as well. Of all the vermin, bats can be the most terrifying. They can also be the most difficult and costly. In this article, we’ll cover bat basics, tips and…

Social Media as a Business Tool for Landlords and Property Managers: Part 2

In this part, we’ll describe how landlords already using Facebook can boost their social media presence with Instagram. By Alexis Gee In Part 1 of this series, we discussed which social media platforms to avoid and which ones to focus on. We specifically homed in on Facebook since it is…