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MassLandlords is the landlord trade association for Massachusetts. We have lease agreements, eviction notices, and every other kind of landlord help you need.

Membership is open to anyone who rents property, however large or small, and those who can help landlords, like attorneys and contractors. Each membership supports better landlord-tenant laws.



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Should I Hire a Mice Exterminator or Get Rid of Mice Myself?

Before trying to get rid of mice on your own, consider what a mice exterminator can do. A mouse in the house can create a mix of fear, disgust, and filth, and left unchecked, will quickly turn into dozens or hundreds of mice. It is possible to get rid of…

What are the Massachusetts Heat Laws?

Landlords must help the tenant maintain 64 to 68 °F from September 15 to June 15 under the MA heat laws. Massachusetts apartment heating laws are specified in the State Sanitary Code, officially 105 CMR 410 The Minimum Standards of Fitness for Human Habitation. This regulation has the force of…

Rent Collection Pilot Opened to All Members

MassLandlords has affiliated with RentHelper, Inc. on a niche rent collection service for low-tech, high-touch renters. RentHelper helps low educational attainment, cash-flow challenged renters pay rent electronically without use of a computer and with minimal risk of overdraft. With the service, payments are accelerated, can be adjusted to match renter…


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