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Talking points to share with renters.
193 H.4356 the HOMES Act would seal eviction records and cancel debts. It will hurt housing providers, good renters, the courts and many more.
Imagine a piece of your idle, unbuildable land becoming a tax-free thriving mid-city forest providing clean air, greenery and improved aesthetic for an urban community.
Boston defied orders from state Supervisor of Records to show emails from nonprofit and for-profit developers, favored over renters and housing operators alike in both appointments and final proposal.
The Supreme Judicial Court ruled that summary process action is not necessary to remove a renter if a voluntary agreement to vacate has been reached in mediation.
Medford Dinner Meeting Tue Apr 16th: Mistakes Landlords Have Made in Court
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Access your MassLandlords Home Depot savings and preferred pricing. Complete instructions to save in all departments. Updated to discuss receipts.
Commentary, documents, and studies for those working on Massachusetts housing policy and rental housing in particular. Updated to link to the flood risk bill.
Massachusetts' Residential Assistance for Families in Transition, or RAFT, program helps tenants who need help paying rent, but needs more behind it.