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In MassLandlords vs. EOHLC we are attempting to understand how tens of thousands of applications for rental assistance were timed out. We intend to shore up the safety net for current and future applicants.
Imagine a piece of your idle, unbuildable land becoming a tax-free thriving mid-city forest providing clean air, greenery and improved aesthetic for an urban community.
Boston defied orders from state Supervisor of Records to show emails from nonprofit and for-profit developers, favored over renters and housing operators alike in both appointments and final proposal.
Marlborough Dinner Meeting Tue Mar 12th: Four Recent Cases that Show What is Happening in Massachusetts Housing Courts Today
What are the Massachusetts Heat Laws? Landlords must help the tenant maintain 64 to 68 °F from September 15 to June 15 under the MA heat laws...
Statewide Virtual Meeting Thu Mar 14th: Non-renewal of Leases
Springfield Crash Course Sat Sep 14th: The MassLandlords Crash Course in Landlording: Elevate Your Landlord Game
Statewide Virtual Meeting Thu Mar 28th: How to Screen Tenants Using an Applicant Qualifier
Statewide Chat Mon Mar 25th: MassLandlords Member Benefits Quick Start Guide