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Biggest Bangs for your Renovation Bucks

In case you haven’t noticed, rents have increased a lot the last two years. Are you ready for your next turnover? Here are some renovation ideas that will help your apartment move closer to top-market. What is Top-Market? First you should remind yourself which market you’re in. Markets can be…

Five New Housing Court Judges Confirmed

By Peter Vickery, Legislative Affairs Counsel As part of the expansion of the Housing Court statewide, the Legislature created five new judgeships. In April, Governor Baker announced his five nominees, all of whom won confirmation from the nine-member Governor’s Council. Here is someone information about the five new judges. Irene…

Receiver Appointed for Dorchester Property after 7 Year Legal Battle

Attorney Stuart Schrier was appointed by Housing Court Associate Justice Marylou Muirhead to act as receiver for 97 Mt. Ida Rd, Dorchester, over the objections of its owner James Dickey. Dickey made the news for personally filing an $850 million anti-trust lawsuit against the National Football League Players Association, and…