Landlords Needed to Support Jamie Williamson as Discrimination Chair

Doug Quattrochi presented Jamie Williamson with the 2015 MassLandlords Good Neighbor Award in early 2016.

Supportive landlords can call the Governor’s office at 617.725.4005.

As of print deadline, the winner of the MassLandlords 2015 Good Neighbor Award, Jamie Williamson, was still awaiting reappointment as Chair of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. We initially published that this decision would be made in January.

Jamie Williamson is a landlord herself, and landlords everywhere should desire her re-appointment.

Chair Williamson’s job is to fine landlords who violate discrimination laws. She is tough on the bad guys that give the rest of us a bad name. She is fair to good landlords who have made a good faith error or misstatement. She defends reasonable people against the rabid left while also holding the line firm on legitimate claims of disparate impact and discrimination. We could not ask for a steadier hand more familiar with rental operations and the Commonwealth’s tough discrimination laws.

Chair Williamson has made herself extremely available to knowledgeable landlords looking to learn more. She gives away her personal cell phone number at the many landlord meetings she attends state-wide each year. She is the highest-rated speaker MassLandlords has ever had.
MassLandlords recognized Chair Williamson’s work to educate landlords with the 2015 “Good Neighbor Award.”
Chair Williamson is also a capable administrator. She has made enormous progress in reducing the expense of running the MCAD.

Supportive landlords can call the Governor’s office at 617.725.4005. Be polite and consider using the following talking points with the staff person who answers: 1.) Highly recommend Chair Williamson for re-appointment. 2.) Emphasize that she is tough but fair. 3.) Tell the governor how long you have been a landlord and describe your experience hearing her speak or answer your questions. 4.) Ask the Governor to re-appoint her so she can continue the fine work she is doing. 5.) Thank the staff for their time.

We might wish that discrimination were a thing of the past, but until we arrive at that ideal future state, we would do well to have Williamson’s tough but fair hand steering the ship.

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