Prevent Ice Dams by Regular Raking… or Hope for More Warm Weather

Grainger Roof RakePrevent ice dams with the Snow Roof Rake Scraper, Poly Blade Material, 22" Blade Width, 6-1/2" Blade Height.

Usually roof rakes sell out this time of year, but the unusually warm weather seems to have left them in-stock. In case you're a plan-ahead kind of person, here's one that came recommended to us by ARS Restoration Services, a company that repairs damage from ice dam leaks and came to speak in Worcester in January.

This one's good because it telescopes to 17', which means you can reach safely up or down a story from the ground, a flat roof, or a window. Always be safe and never step on icy roofs, set ladders on ice or snow, or lean out of a window further than your shoulders.

Non-disclaimer: we make nothing if you buy one. We're just helping!

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Watch this video on ice dams, their causes, and prevention (click thumbnail).

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