For all payments:

MassLandlords, Inc.
PO Box 844570
Boston, MA 02284-4570

For renewals, please write your local association in the “memo” (e.g., WPOA or Worcester).

For other payments, please write reason in the memo (e.g., “defense fund” or “property rights fund”).

For all business correspondence:

One Broadway, Floor 14
Cambridge, MA 02142-1187

Please note: your business meeting may be at a location other than our mailing address. In Cambridge, we are often on Floor 5, and in Worcester, we may meet you at Prescott St., Union St., or Skyline Dr. Please make sure you know where you are headed.

Media Inquiries: Doug Quattrochi, Executive Director, 617-285-7255, 8a to 8p every day.

Events: Alexis Gee, Manager of Marketing and Events,, 617-433-8872, 9a to 5p every weekday, until 8p during events.

Administration: Sue McMahon, Senior Manager of Member Service and Marketing,, 774-314-1896, voicemail only and she will call you back.

For Members:

Log in to the Member Home for more ways to contact MassLandlords.

These contacts are not for legal advice or other landlording questions.  Members should use their discussion group instead, or search the directory.





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