We help owners rent their property, as well as advocate for better laws.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create better rental housing in Massachusetts by helping current, new and prospective landlords run profitable, compliant, and quality businesses. To this end, we organize opportunities for landlord education and networking and advocate appropriate changes to the laws.

A major focus is housing journalism, which is supported by membership dues and an optional add-on subscription. We are filling one part of the void left by the decline of newspapers.

Because we are supported primarily by membership dues, we are “content first, advertising second.”

Our Strength

MassLandlords is as 501(c)6 nonprofit trade association. We are democratically governed by over 1,400 landlording businesses across the Commonwealth and growing fast. On average our members own 16 units each, but half own fewer than six. We are the voice of small landlords and owners who don’t identify as landlords but just rent on the side.

We launched in Worcester with just under 200 members in February 2014. We have since grown to regularly serve Springfield, Southern Worcester County, greater Worcester, MetroWest, the Charles River watershed, and greater Boston and Cambridge. We have plans to serve all 21 Massachusetts locations where landlords regularly meet.

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to everyone. Most of our members own rental property. Many of our members are service providers to those who own. Many more are interested in Massachusetts housing policy, laws, and local government.

Information for Landlords in Other Groups

See which groups are MassLandlords.net partner organizations.

If your local group is not a partner organization, contact us.

Press Information

High resolution logos may be available by emailing info@masslandlords.net.

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