Affordable Legal Support

The MassLandlords Hotline is a lawyer-supervised counseling service. We can talk to tenants for you, prepare your paperwork for court, or help you with whatever you need.

$275/hr  $120/hr for non-members

(Join or log-in for member pricing.)

If you need to hire an attorney (e.g., to represent you in court), we can refer you to one.

Over 80% of cases end with an agreement that both parties feel is fair.

For first-time callers:

Special Introductory Consultation. 50 minutes for $50. Available for first time callers only. Available to members and non-members.

Purchase Time

Purchased time never expires. A MassLandlords counselor will set up a phone call within 24 hrs (most calls are scheduled same-day). For emergencies requiring police intervention dial 911.