Every rental manager likes their own forms.  What's offered here is a complete set of landlord forms that you can modify. These forms are a good starting place for Massachusetts rental real estate.

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Which of these Landlord Forms do I Need?

Imagine your business is a "process" for providing temporary housing.  The process has different steps:

  1. Screen the prospective tenants before you give a tour.
  2. Screen the prospective tenants before you sign an agreement.
  3. Sign an agreement before you hand over the keys.
  4. Operate the apartment.
  5. Help the tenants leave your property.
  6. Return their security deposit and file their records.

The Complete Set of Massachusetts Landlord Forms

Step One: Screening

Step Two: Applications

Step Three: Rental Agreements

Step Four: Operations

Step Five-A: Moving Out

Step Five-B: Eviction

  • No longer required, for archival purposes only: Notice of Missed Payment During COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium (Latest Version: 4)
  • Notice to Quit
    • Standard, non-binding non-renewal letter (Latest Version: 9.1)
    • 7-day notice to quit for cause (Latest Version: 6.1)
    • Covered property 30-day notice for nonpayment (lease) (Latest Version: 5.1)
    • Covered property 30-day notice for nonpayment (at will) (Latest Version: 5.1)
    • Non-covered property 14-day notice for nonpayment (lease) (Latest Version: 5.1)
    • Non-covered property 14-day notice for nonpayment (at will) (Latest Version: 5.1)
    • 30-day or rental period "no cause stated" notice (at will) (Latest Version: 5.1)
    • 30-day or rental period "no cause stated" with offer to create new tenancy (at will) (Latest Version: 5.2)
    • 72-hour notice for staying past lease term. (Latest Version: 2.1)
  • Post-Eviction and Abandonment Checklist (Latest Version: 2)
  • Summary Process Summons and Complaint (Latest Version: 2)
  • Serenity Prayer  (Public)
  • Additional information on evictions

Step Six: Security Deposit Return


A note about file format: all of the forms are available in either Microsoft Word .docx, Microsoft Excel .xlsx, or Adobe .pdf. If you require a different format, email


We intend to review these forms and update them when one of three things happen:

  1. One year has passed since the last review.
  2. A new landlord tenant law is passed.
  3. A court case produces a new understanding.

Revisions for each document are identified by a version number in the file name. When you download the file, keep the version number. The next time you use your forms, you can compare each file's version number with the latest version listed here. You can then read our revision comments to see if you wish to update your form to our latest version.

A history of major reviews:

  • September 2016 through February 2017: Incorporation of best practices from the Rental Housing Association of Greater Springfield and Western Division of the Housing Court. Lyons and Fitzpatrick, Record Title advising in some instances.
  • January, 2015: Incorporation of best practices from the Worcester Property Owners Association and Worcester Division of the Housing Court. Various attorneys advising in some instances.
  • May 2014 through September, 2014: Incorporation of best practices from Greater Boston. Alford and Bertrand advising in some instances.

Although we always ask attorneys during our review process, our rental forms remain member-generated. See disclaimer at top of page and terms of use.

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