Going Above and Beyond for Tenants

Help us showcase what good landlords can do.

MassLandlords would like to hear stories of landlords who have stretched or gone the extra mile to help tenants. Were your tenants ‘at risk’ of being evicted? What did you do to help them through their rough patch, or onto their next home?

Examples include: structuring a payment plan outside of court; helping your tenant get social services; taking a tenant with a bad application who had a believable recovery story; permitting roommates to reduce the cost of rent per person; making reasonable accommodations for children, the elderly, or the disabled; and much more. No story is too short or too long, we want to hear it all!

Hearing your stories will help MassLandlords demonstrate that we are a force for good. We’ll share your good deeds anonymously. Some readers may be contacted to go on the record (either video or media).  If you would like to do this, make sure we can reach you when you submit your story.

Please post your detailed story on the message boards, or email it to Alexis Gee, our Manager of Marketing and Events, agee@masslandlords.net, or call Peter Shapiro, landlord and MassLandlords policy volunteer, at 617-620-9858.

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