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"I have three buildings which were financed by Masslandlords members I met at events. They are all holding first position mortgages with great rates and a small down payment. The connections I have made over the years have literally been priceless."
Russell Sabadosa, East Longmeadow
On the value of events: "The cheapest way to learn is from someone else's mistakes."
Jane Gasek, Worcester
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Worcester Dinner Meeting - Wed December 6
Annual Meeting, State Sanitary Code Changed
$60 $40
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$75 $50
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Southbridge Dinner Meeting - Mon December 11
Annual Christmas Party
SWCLA Members only SWCLA members pay
annual dues then free
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Statewide Virtual Meeting - Wed December 13
Daikin Special Opportunity For Zero Emissions Retrofit
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Fitchburg Dinner Meeting - Thu December 14
Annual Food & Toy Drive Holiday Social
NWCLA Members only NWCLA members pay
annual dues then free
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Cambridge Crash Course - Sun January 21
The MassLandlords Crash Course in Landlording
$275 $250
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Springfield Crash Course - Sat February 3
The MassLandlords Crash Course in Landlording: The Year You Build Your Business
$275 $250
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Find events by location, from west to east:

  • Southbridge (SWCLA): 1st non-holiday Monday
  • Fitchburg (NWCLA): 2nd Thursday
  • Marlborough (MWPOA): 2nd Tuesday
  • Zooms: Often the 1st and 2nd Wednesday, 2nd Thursday, 3rd Tuesday and last Monday.
  • Crash Course in Springfield and Cambridge: As announced, see calendar.
  • Meals in Springfield, Worcester, Waltham: As announced, see calendar.

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If you have trouble purchasing online, mark your calendar and come pay at the door. If any event were to sell out we would send an email. Make sure you are on our mailing list and subscribed to updates about local events.

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