Supercharge the Deleading Credit and End Poisoning Forever

This members-only discussion will review an opportunity to dramatically increase the state deleading credit. Massachusetts has the opportunity to reach functional zero lead poisoning. The upcoming 193rd legislative session may accomplish this.

We'll review the situation and the opportunities:

  • Lead poisonings increased 20% during the pandemic.
  • Despite 50 years of leadership in lead poisoning prevention, Massachusetts' progress could stall.
  • A unique opportunity exists to build a coalition with real estate groups and renter advocacy organizations to jointly file a bill.
  • The Chapter 111 Governor's Advisory Committee could get us high-level sponsorship.

At this meeting we will review a MassLandlords plan to eliminate lead as a concern for landlords, families and the commonwealth. We can be the first state in the country to reach functional zero lead poisoning in old housing stock.

You may have already received a special invitation to this event because of your dual status as an MRHA member. This is the same event. Your input is still required. This event is open to all MassLandlords members, as well.

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue Schedule LP Credit for Removing or Covering Lead Paint on Residential Premises is shown printed onto a wall covered in cracking lead paint.
Schedule LP currently allows for $1,500 per unit. The cost to delead a unit with original wooden windows is now $15,000 per unit, ten times higher. Derivative of CC BY 2.0 Bart Everson Flickr.


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