Annual Meeting, State Sanitary Code Changed and Rental Registry

We're back in Worcester!!! Thank you for your patience as we worked to find the best possible venue.

Our annual business meeting is being conducted electronically and at this one in-person event. Come vote for our annual director and on some needed bylaws changes!

Also, the state sanitary code has changed! It defines what every apartment in Massachusetts must do and be. Unlike the building code, which is usually inspected only at time of permit completion, the state sanitary code applies in all rentals all the time, and can be inspected at any time. Did you know it changed in half a dozen major ways April 1?

Few units are fully compliant as-is. We'll review the new code in easy-to-understand detail and help you get a sense of where you may need to make repairs or improvements.

The state sanitary code is your biggest liability in a nonpayment situation, where a renter is being taken to court. They will be
able to counterclaim based on the condition of the apartment. If you anticipate having any kind of conflict resolution process
with a renter, it's critical that your apartment is fully up to code and your position is one of blamelessness.

Finally, Worcester is implementing a rental registry. Find out what is involved.

"This is my second time participating in the sanitary code session, and I still learned something new that we need to address in our building." -Beatrice

"Presentation was VERY informative and thorough." -Carol


sanitary code

Your problem or theirs? The state sanitary code holds occupants responsible for some things, and landlords responsible for most everything else.

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