Active Supported Bills

Supported by Staff
MassLandlords staff drafted or participated materially in the creation of bill text below. Members will be polled at the next update of the policy priorities survey.

An Act to Further Lead Remediation in Rental Housing by Increasing the Deleading Credit

An Act to Equalize Counsel in Eviction Proceedings

An Act Relative to Forfeiture Reform

An Act Establishing the Climate Resilient Capital Task Force (also known as the “Don’t Look Up” Act)

An Act Relative to Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT)

Active Opposed Bills

Bill Opposed by Staff
MassLandlords staff oppose bill text below.

We will update this section as bills are filed. The 193rd legislative session began in January 2023 and it takes time for the General Court to publish text and for us to find relevant bills.

FY '24 Budget House Section 48 Senate Section 28.

An Act promoting housing opportunity and mobility through eviction sealing (HOMES) 193 HD3625 H.1690 SD1592 S.956

The Boston Rent Control Bill H3744

193 H.4074 An Act authorizing the city of Somerville to enact Right to Purchase Legislation

Future bills (inactive)

An Act to Increase the Readability of Legislation aka the Plain English Bill

An Act Establishing a Pilot Program for A Fair and Equal Housing Guarantee via Surety Bonds and Decreasing the Prevalence of Single Family Zoning

An Act Lowering the Cost of Housing and Freeing the Skilled Trades to Retrofit Zero Emissions Heating Systems

An Act Relative to the Eviction Sealing Alternative of Protected Class Status

An Act for Public Ownership of Public Information

An Act Establishing a Commission to Evaluate the Effect of Recent Housing Policies

Past bills (inactive)

At the conclusion of each two-year legislative session, all bills not acted on by the legislature are excluded from reconsideration. The bills below were filed in a previous session.

192nd Legislative Session ending December 2022

The "explainer" format of bill text was newly created for the 193rd legislative session.

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