Four Fun Facts about Landlording

#1: In Ohio, landlords can say "No Section 8", and participation is dropping

The state of Ohio does not make it illegal for landlords to discriminate on the basis of a tenant receiving public assistance. See their code.

David Berry

As inspections become more onerous, they've seen over 400 landlords drop out of Section 8 over the last year, a net drop of 40 landlords after subtracting off first-time participants.If Section 8 were a private business, it would need a turn-around expert. Instead what's likely to happen is a new law prohibiting discrimination against Section 8!

Read more at the Columbus Dispatch.

#2: Tenant Screening Services Sometimes Don't Check Massachusetts Criminal!

If you see a screening service that checks criminal records*, look out for the asterisk!

* 46 states. Does not include MA!

MA CORI is protected, and unless someone is scraping newspaper crime reports from every municipal paper, they cannot resell CORI data (to the best of our knowledge).

#3: Small Landlords Rule Rental Housing

71% of all properties are owned by individuals, according to Forbes.This matters because credit reporting agencies want to factor in rent history, but all the small landlords have no easy way to report this.

#4: A Landlord was once Loved so much, his tenants Erected a Statute in his Memory

Australian Landlord David Berry once owned nearly an entire town. When he passed away in 1889, his tenants and local officials erected a marble pillar with the inscription,

"This monument was erected by the tenants and friends of the late David berry. In remembrance of a kind and considerate landlord and true friend of the people."

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