MassLandlords Files Legislation for Right to Secrets

Faced with increasing calls for a “Right to Counsel,” in which renters would be provided a taxpayer-funded attorney in all evictions, MassLandlords has filed emergency legislation for Right to Secrets, an alternative approach to housing affordability. “These renter advocates drag out cases by digging up unrelated violations,” said MassLandlords Executive…

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Landlords March in “Landlords Day Of Action”

A satire of #RentersDayofAction, September 22, 2016. On Thursday September 22, thousands of landlords nationwide took a break from making repairs to participate in the “Landlords Day of Action” trending on social media. The event was intended to highlight the need for new laws and zoning in New York, California,…

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Letter from the Executive Director for May 2016

letter from the executive director, logo

April was a month we will soon forget, but the groundwork we laid should serve us long into the future. The month began with a satire we wrote and published as an April Fool’s joke. We mocked City Life/La Vida Urbana and their handling of the Just Cause Eviction proposal…

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4 Fun Facts about Landlording

#1: In Ohio, landlords can say “No Section 8”, and participation is dropping The state of Ohio does not make it illegal for landlords to discriminate on the basis of a tenant receiving public assistance. See their code. As inspections become more onerous, they’ve seen over 400 landlords drop out of Section…

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Never Before Seen: Bill Murray as a Landlord

They say necessity is the mother of invention. What more basic necessity is there than to pay the rent every month? The constant, unrelenting pressure we apply to our tenants may cause some of them to get very creative. At least, that’s what this comedy short implies. Watch this never-before-seen…

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