Judge William Abrashkin Shares Perspective on Public Service

Judge William “Hank” Abrashkin shared his perspective on a lifetime of public service at the MassLandlords Longmeadow event on February 8. “Public service doesn’t mean sacrifice,” Judge Abrashkin said. MassLandlords marketing for the event had called him a celebrity, in reference to his decision as Executive Director of the Springfield…

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YouTube Your Way to a Better House

A wise contractor once said that our generation of landlords is cleaning up the mistakes of the past. Dropped ceilings hung with bent nails, chimneys held together with gorilla glue — before the Internet, it was excusable if you didn’t know how to properly repair a house! But now, we…

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What are the Massachusetts Heat Laws?

Landlords must help the tenant maintain 64 to 68 °F from September 15 to June 15 under the MA heat laws. Massachusetts apartment heating laws are specified in the State Sanitary Code, officially 105 CMR 410 The Minimum Standards of Fitness for Human Habitation. This regulation has the force of…

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Letter from the Executive Director for January 2018

letter from the executive director, logo

In 2018 we will be starting MassLandlords Phase II. I’ll give the background and then set out our goals for this new year. We launched in February 2014. At that time, and still today, most groups had separate websites for their regions. The Worcester Property Owners Association rebuilt their website…

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Are you a Real Estate Professional (for Tax Purposes)?

Real estate professionals can claim startup and other real estate losses against other income for large tax savings. Many who work in real estate also work a day job and do their real estate on the side. The IRS potentially considers all real estate activities a form of “passive income,”…

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