How to File Written Testimony Against Rent Cancellation 191 H.4878 HD.5166 S.2831 SD.2992

The rent cancellation bills have a hearing scheduled for Tuesday July 28. Every landlord must provide written testimony against these bills. We have written about these bills before: Rent Cancellation bills 191 HD.5166, SD.2992 Open Letter re: H.4878 HD.5166 Rent Cancellation Board of Directors Statement on Eviction Moratorium, Rent Cancellation…

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Open Letter re: H.4878 HD.5166 Rent Cancellation

To All Members of the Massachusetts General Court, The email sent Wednesday, July 15, 2020 4:44 PM by Representative Mike Connolly RE: H.4878 HD.5166 S.2831 SD.2992 the COVID-19 Housing Stability Act contained errors and omissions which are here corrected. First, it is important to state that the members of MassLandlords,…

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Rent Cancellation bills 191 H.4878 HD.5166, S.2831 SD.2992

There is a bill before the legislature that represents an existential threat to residential real estate rentals: H.4878 HD.5166 An Act to guarantee housing stability during the COVID-19 emergency and recovery H.4878 HD.5166 and its sister bill S.2831 SD.2992 would: Cancel, not postpone, cancel rents for the period March 10,…

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