Independent Contractor Agreement

Our independent contractor agreement is a member-contributed form. It has been sent for attorney review but this version has not been reviewed by an attorney. We know it is very one-sidedly pro-landlord.

Latest Version: 5


  • v5
    • Attorney reviewed (JRG Legal)
    • Clarified that contractor-caused delays in start date will still trigger late completion penalties
    • Clarified that independent contractor choices must still be within the general specification of the owner
    • Reworked dumpster costs to be explicit about defaults and cost methods
    • Added restriction on Contractors who use residential trash facilities improperly
    • Clarified the payment dispute/stop-work process
    • Added an early completion bonus to parallel the late completion penalty
    • Clarified wording on arbitration
    • Added a restriction on the Owner posting disparaging comments about the Contractor to parallel the restriction on the Contractor posting about the Owner
    • Reworded construction of agreement section re: ambiguity
    • Removed special stipulations section (covered elsewhere)
    • Edits for grammar and specificity
  • v2-4
    • MassLandlords staff/attorney internal revisions
  • v1
    • Member generated form

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Sample of Massachusetts tenancy at will rental agreement

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