Stored Energy Addendum

If your rental unit uses oil, propane or solar panels as a heat source, you may wonder what happens when your renter’s lease is up and they move out. Our new stored energy addendum form puts the onus on the tenant to return the energy source to the level it was at when they moved in.

A close-up of a red and white Roth oil tank fuel gauge, showing the tank is approximately 5/8 full.

Our stored energy form states that your renters must return fuel tanks or batteries to their starting levels before they move out. (License: CC by SA 4.0 MassLandlords, Inc.)

The addendum is another rental form available to MassLandlords members in good standing and can be included with any other forms you may present at lease signing. The form stipulates which kind of fuel or energy the rental unit has, and warrants that the listed fixtures are for the tenant’s exclusive use (only they will be using that fuel or energy to heat the unit they will be occupying).

The form has a place for you to record the starting level of the energy fixture, whether that’s gallons of fuel in the propane tank, a recorded percentage of how full the oil tank is, or how much the existing battery is charged. This represents starting energy the tenant has not paid for.

When your renter signs the addendum, they are acknowledging that they are starting their tenancy with a certain amount of fuel or energy, and that when they move out, they are responsible for returning the tank or battery to the level that is recorded on the form. For oil and propane tanks, this will mean placing a fuel order with a supplier. Solar batteries will typically charge themselves off the solar panels; however, if your renter turns the battery off for some reason, they will need to make sure it is turned back on when they leave so it can recharge.

Further, by signing the form, your renters are agreeing that if they do not return the energy source to its starting level, they will be charged for the cost of restoring those levels after the fact.

This form is appropriate for renters who with exclusive use of the energy source during their tenancy. It should not be used for rental units that use natural gas for heating.

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