How to Avoid Being Sued for Transgender Discrimination in Massachusetts: A Landlord’s Guide

In-depth article to familiarize yourself with transgender people so you can rent your apartment to the most qualified applicant. A Suffolk law study released March 27, 2017 found that over half of us landlords are not treating transgender people equally in our rental process. Someone is going to be the…

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Landlords Needed to Support Jamie Williamson as Discrimination Chair


Supportive landlords can call the Governor’s office at 617.725.4005. As of print deadline, the winner of the MassLandlords 2015 Good Neighbor Award, Jamie Williamson, was still awaiting reappointment as Chair of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. We initially published that this decision would be made in January. Jamie Williamson is…

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Discrimination Warning: Cannot Share Racial Demographics with Prospective Purchasers or Renters

MassLandlords was recently forwarded an investor prospectus in which demographic information was shared with a prospective purchaser of a rental property. Sellers can’t do this. We’ve included an anonymous screenshot of the prospectus so you can see what we mean. If this is your company, or reminds you of yours,…

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Time to Support “Tough Love” Landlord Jamie Williamson as Chair of MCAD

  Landlords can write letters of support to Massachusetts State House, Office of the Governor, Room 280, Boston, MA 02133. Or call 617.725.4005. This January Governor Charlie Baker will be appointing a Chair of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). The current chair is Jamie Williamson, a landlord herself. Knowledgeable…

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Questions and Answers for August 2016

questions and answers

Adapted from our Message Boards, where members can ask questions and get answers. Practicing landlords and service providers answer questions, and we combine the best answers into one here. Q: Where can I read the Massachusetts landlord-tenant laws for myself? MassLandlords.net/laws has useful summaries and links, but reading the laws for…

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