A Chaotic Review Of Orderly Tools

A Chaotic Review of Orderly Tools


Anton Orlik – Anton

Martha Convers - Martha


Richard Merlino - Rich

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Rich: Anton is going to help get us started. This is unintentionally advertisement for Google. That was not what we had intended, but it seems like all of our speakers picked a Google function to go over, so you’re going to talk about Google Voice, right? I am going to steal this from you. Do you need a clicker or anything?

Anton: I can just tell them.

Rich: Yes, I’ll give you the clicker because you do have a couple of things. This is going to be quick. Again, if you have any questions, just write them. Are you going to hang around for a couple of minutes?

Anton: Yes.

Rich: Okay, so if you have any questions, you can write them down. I’m going to ask Anton afterwards or we can cover them at the end of this segment.

The only thing I know about you is that you’re a famous author found on Bigger Pockets, offering your expert legal advice. Let’s hear it for Anton Orlik on landlording advice. Here you go.

Audience: [applause]

Anton: Thank you, Rich.

Rich: Right here. take the better one.

Anton: Thanks, Rich. I thought this was going to be a roundtable discussion, so this is a bit more than I anticipated, so bear with me.

I’ll give you a brief rundown of Google Voice. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s really just a free digital telephone service you can sign up for. The link is right at the bottom, so voice.google.com. What that does is just give a you a brand-new phone number that is not associated to a SIM card or a telephone, but it’s basically a digital number, and you can download the Google Voice app and then basically do phone calls, as well as send text messages and receive voice mails through any device, so you can have it on your phone, you can have it in your laptop, etc.

There’s a few benefits with it, so like I mentioned, it’s a digital access so basically whether you have a phone service or you’re on Wi-Fi, you can still get your text, your voice mails, and make phone calls. Really helpful if you’re traveling abroad or like my case, I’m going to Canada this weekend, so it would be nice to still have contact with my tenants if anything comes up.

You also get transcribed voice mails. I think most phone services offer this now, so it’s now that new, but it’s still good that I don't have to listen to a 30-second voicemail.

You get additional security, so like I mentioned, it’s a brand-new phone number, so you’re not giving up your personal number and you’re also not paying for an additional line on your phone service.

Lastly, you get call forwarding, so if you ever choose to get a property manager or like in my case if you’re out of town and you want somebody else to take any phone calls or text messages, you can easily set up a transfer number and have those calls and text messages go to your property manager or whoever else is helping you out.

Then I was going to give a few screens of what it looks like. In this case, it’s a voicemail that came in, so it gives you whoever called you and then as well as transcribes what they said. You also can text from any device, so similar to how you do it from your phone now, just track of everything and also great for reaching out to repairmen on Craigslist if you don’t want to give your personal number.

Similarly, you can make phone calls; same functionality as a phone. You can do it from a laptop or again you can have this logged in any Google account on your iPad, in your phone, your parent, your friend’s phone, whoever it is, and they can always use the same number, which is good. That’s about it.

Rich: So when sending out text messages, one thing that Google is very sensitive to is you can’t send out the same text message to a bunch of people in a row. You have to mix it up. If you’re going to text like 50 of your residents, you have to mix it up a little bit or they will shut down your account. Yes, they will shut it down and that’s the end of your email and everything, so just watch out for that.

By a show of hands, who’s used Google Voice before? That’s really what I want to know. Okay, all right. So good, this was a learning experience for everybody in the room. That was perfect, man. Thank you very much.

Anton: Thank you.

Audience: [applause]

Rich: The purpose of this is to be quick moving to just give you some tools really quickly, so the next person. Martha, if you could come up, that would be fantastic. She is going to help us understand the calendar tool that she uses, which happens to be Google Calendar and you’re going to be doing this in English and Spanish as well, right?

Martha: [laughter] Sure, sure

Rich: That would be terrific.

Martha: No, no.

Rich: No, no. I have to ask you. Where is Margarita Island? You used to live there, right?

Martha: Margarita Island is in Venezuela, the north part of Venezuela on the east side. Aruba, and Curacao, and Bonaire are on the left side, on the west—

Rich: Well, I don't think we need driving directions just yet, but I will ask you when I need to navigate around there.

Martha: Okay [laughter]. It’s a beautiful island, by the way.

Rich: How do people in Margarita Island feel about Jimmy Buffett?

Martha: They don't know him.

Rich: They don't know him.

Martha: They don't know [laughter].

Rich: All right.

Doug: This is for the slide.

Martha: Okay, fantastic, so I’m going to be very brief. One of the things that I would like to talk about is about Google Calendar. It is very similar to Outlook Calendar, but it also for me –I am a realtor—and for me, it’s a great way of time managing my time and it helps me because it also integrates with other Google apps that there are.


Also, you could share it. You could share it with other people, your Google Calendar, with a family or nonfamily members, which is great, and you could create events and send invites through the Google Calendar. Also it helps you to stay on schedule that sometimes is very difficult especially when you come from a Latino country where for us relationships is a priority and time not so much [laughter].

Okay, all right. How do you get to the Google Calendar? First, you should have a Google account, a Gmail account. It’s easy to create, and that’s the first image. The second image is once you get to the Gmail, you’re going to see those dots on the upper right side of the Gmail. You’re going to press over those and you’re going to go to the calendar. After you’re there, then you could be creating your event.

This is my personal one. The ones in purple are I have a 21-year-old and I have told her to tell me where she’s going to be. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t, but at least I know when she’s in college or another activity. You could see here that purple one, that is the one that she has.

I have lately put everything on one or two colors, but I when I have more time, I put in the colors, but I already know what I have to do and what’s important. Also, one of the things is that you have the view that it could be month’s view of what are your activities, but also you could do it by day. I usually do the week one, the week one because it helps me to see what are the days, what is going forward, what do I have the next following days.

Okay, so how to create a new event. What we do, we have two ways of creating it. One is just pressing the time or the day directly, hovering the mouse over the time and day but also you have that—who’s doing that? That’s awesome. Thank you. I don't know who is, but good. So you have that plus button on the bottom right that you also could press to create an event.

Let’s say I’m doing the MassLandlords meeting today. I write it down. I put the time. Automatically comes the time if you hover over the time and day, and if you want to create and be more specific, you go on the bottom right where it says more options. Yes, thank you. Who is doing that? That’s awesome!

Rich: I’m pretty sure it’s you, the right hand?

Martha: No, no. I’m not. I’m not. Okay, yes, but no I’m not doing it, but okay anyway. Whoever it is [laughter] —

Rich: Is it you?

Martha: It’s Brian I think [laughter].

Rich: Sneaky.

Martha: Sneaky. Then if you hover and you put more options, this is the graphic design that you’re going to be seeing in your computer. You can put up there, in the first line you could add the title of what’s going on. Then you’re going to be seeing that you have the date, the time, and you could change it right there. If you go down, you could add the location. I think I did on the next one. Yes, okay. There it is.

The cool thing about using Google Calendar is that you start putting just the address and it automatically tells you the exact place. It feeds up, feeds—whatever. I apologize. My English is getting there, but my language is Spanish. It automatically feeds there, and also you have on the—okay, good. Thank you. Then you could start adding the different colors. What Brian is showing right now is my calendar, but I could put my daughter’s calendar and I could see her calendar, too.

The right button where that’s purple over there, some people, depending on the priority or the things that you do routinely, you could change the colors.

My other side is that I’m not only a realtor, but I’m a Zumba instructor and if you see my calendar—so Zumba is a group exercise—and I do that; otherwise, I would be very—


Rich: You said that was part of your presentation, right? We were all going to do that.

Martha: [laughter] No, no. I want to say that I have a light blue color every time I have Zumba, so everything that’s in blue, light blue, that’s when I have Zumba. But I go to church and church is green. It’s a great way of looking very fast what do you have to do.

Rich: Perfect! What’s your last major tip about Google Calendar that people might want to know?

Martha: Okay, so the description and you could invite the guests. The guests, I think is a great way. Let me go forward with that. I think that’s the part where you could invite guests and it feeds from your Gmail account, then also remember to save the event; otherwise, you’re not going to be having anything. Once you save it, automatically it will be asking you if you would like to send invitations, emails if you created the event.

Rich: This is so thorough. That’s awesome. It shows exactly how it works.

Martha: Okay, yes.

Rich: Okay, set this up for apartment showing, so you can invite the people that will come and look at the apartment, and in the description, you could put like where to park and where the door is, where the building is, and stuff like that, so they could see it.

Martha: Correct. Thank you, Rich.

The last thing that I think if you see over there, those are the tasks. You could add tasks to whatever you have to do during the week and also you could do add-ons and on the left side, you will have the different calendars that you would need or that you are sharing. That’s Andrea, my daughter, that I told you guys, but you could add the Christian holidays, Jewish holidays, and you also could see with whom you have shared.

Rich: Yes. You have the Red Sox. You can have Celtics game come up automatically in the calendar.

Martha: [laughter]

Rich: Martha, that was excellent.

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