June 2017: Bulletproof Rental Agreements & Protecting Your Assets

In June 2017, we began our season finale meeting as we always like to, with Executive Director Doug Quattrochi giving the Masslandlords Business Update.


In March 2017 we released our new rental forms to be easier to read and include new features like: a utilities table, prohibition of AirBnB, prohibition of Marijuana growing, friendlier terminology (Tenant > Resident), clear list of “will” and “will not”, and a library of optional clauses. Attorney Mark Lee reviewed these features in-depth on the best ways to use our rental forms and gave us tips and tricks for our own forms. It's likely that a majority of landlords' rental forms are out-of-date due to changes in marijuana laws, just cause eviction/rent control and the infamous AirBnB. So why pay for an attorney to draft a rental agreement when Masslandlords members get ours for free!

Ask and you shall receive! We got many requests for a presentation on asset protection so we created the perfect presentation just for WPOA! If you got sued tomorrow, would you be at risk of losing everything? Is your trust protecting your assets the way you think? On June 14th we learned how to protect our assets in a presentation by Doug Quattrochi accompanied by Attorney Melissa Gleick. Doug went through the step-by-step process of how to set up LLCs and Attorney Gleick was there to provide detailed answers to questions. We learned how legal entities are like castles and how insurance is the front line of defense.

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Wednesday, June 14th

Meeting Agenda

  • 5:45p Socializing and Networking
    • Network over drinks and appetizers
    • Topics will be marked off by table for one-on-one help
  • 6:15pm Buffet Dinner
  • 6:40pm MassLandlords Business Update and Member Minutes
  • 7:00pm Rich Merlino Meeting Introduction
  • 7:05pm Attorney Mark Lee with Rental Agreements
  • 7:50pm Doug Quattrochi and Melissa Gleick with Asset Protection
  • 8:35pm Networking
  • 9:00pm Doors close


Worcester Technical High School
1 Skyline Dr
Worcester, MA 01603

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This is part of the Worcester Rental Real Estate Networking and Training series.



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