Are You Taking Full Advantage of Our Past Meetings Pages?

Just one of the many WPOA Past Meetings summary pages with full length videos of presenters. Found at

Both WPOA and RHAGS have their own Past Meetings pages with downloadable presentations, handouts, and full videos from the meetings.

Upset that you missed out on last month’s meeting? Hesitant about going to a meeting because you’re unsure of what it’s like? Perhaps you live too far away to attend MassLandlords’ meetings? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you can definitely benefit from using the Past Meetings pages on

The Worcester Property Owners Association (WPOA) Past Meetings page is filled with meeting summaries, downloadable PowerPoint presentations, printable handouts, and full length videos of presentations. They’re listed in chronological order, beginning with the January 2014 meeting at the bottom of the page and ending with the most recent meeting at the top. February’s meeting was ‘Leases, Tenancy at Will and Purchasing Multi-Families’. Most of the content is restricted to members in good standing, however a few videos are available for free. These free videos can be viewed by those non-members who’ve been hesitant about coming to a meeting; to get a feel for what our meetings are like and how they could contribute to our network of landlords and property managers.

The Rental Housing Association of Greater Springfield (RHAGS) Past Meetings page is much newer than WPOA’s. The RHAGS Past Meetings page has meeting summaries dating back to September 2015 and follows the same chronological format as the WPOA Past Meetings page. We have not started recording presentations in Springfield yet, but we may soon. In the meantime, active members can download presentations from recent speakers and non-members can read over the meeting summaries to get a feel for what our RHAGS meetings have to offer.

The Past Meetings pages are a great way to find out what you missed if you couldn’t make it to a meeting. You can also see what other regions are learning about and discussing. We’re hoping that those members who live out of range of our meetings, or those who are unable to attend all of our meetings, will take advantage of all the content on our Past Meetings pages. Our Resources Index, which is brimming with vital information, can also help you learn and answer lingering questions.

To find the Past Meetings pages, navigate to and hover over the ‘Events’ tab to get the WPOA and RHAGS Past Meetings links to appear. As long as you are an active member in good standing, no matter your regional affiliation, you’ll have full access to all downloads and videos. Please remember to log in before trying to view the videos or presentations, this will ensure that you have full access to all content. Enjoy!

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