Summer Notice for 2022 Annual Business Meeting and Elections

MassLandlords’ mission is to create better rental housing by helping prospective, new, and current owners run profitable, compliant, quality businesses. We are a 501(c)6 trade association. We have two democratic mechanisms for governance by and for members. First, our ongoing Policy Priorities Survey helps us take positions on complex issues of public policy. Second, each year in December at our Annual Business Meeting and Annual Election, we elect a new Director to the statewide Board of Directors.

A MassLandlords branded bic pen and in-person event nametag sit on a MassLandlords tablecloth.

Volunteers are recognized, appreciated and in a position to steer the ship. Join us! CC BY-SA 4 MassLandlords.

Individual volunteers are welcome to look at volunteer opportunities online. We are currently looking for message board gardeners. You may also see calls for signatures and phone banks related to rent control opposition.

Regional Boards of Advisors help us to keep connected with local members, and can help with planning events.

Our statewide Board of Directors discusses operations, certification, and political strategy. To run for election at the statewide level, nominate yourself, or nominate a friend. Some name recognition and history of contributions will be required to succeed.

We send this notice six months early so there is plenty of time before decisions are required. Let us know if you want to contribute or learn more! 774-314-1896 or

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