MassLandlords is a 501(c)6 nonprofit with a mission to create better rental housing. We help new, current, and prospective members run profitable, compliant, quality businesses. We are democratically governed, and we need members in our community to step forward and help!

Current Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are asked to commit to at least 6 months and can be extended. We will call you on your 6 month anniversary to see if your schedule still permits for volunteering with MassLandlords.

Volunteer Form

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  • Note: We will call you regardless of your phone preference for volunteer purposes only.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Message Board Gardener

We are looking for members to provide correct and relevant information in response to member message board questions. Ideally, message board gardeners would have a habit of reading all our articles, using our website to find service providers, and participating on at least one message board. We're not asking you to write, just to share what is already written. For instance:

  • Someone asks, "Can anyone recommend a plumber?" You post a link to our provider directory: https://masslandlords.net/directory-provider/
  • Someone asks, "Where do I have to put a security deposit?" You post a link to https://masslandlords.net/laws/security-deposits/.

Why is it called gardening? Because sometimes you will have to pull some weeds! If you see a post that contradicts content on our site, one or the other will need clarification or correction. Either let the poster know they may be incorrect, or let us know we may be.

Send us pictures of Rent Control

We need pictures of what Cambridge, Boston, and Brookline looked like during the 1970's, 80's, and early 90's under rent control, or what they looked like after 1994 and repeal.

We know anecdotally what it was like then. The team are unable to find many images online from that era. (The web is swamped by recency, forgetting the past entirely.) We need to put the history front-and-center by posting these images online ourselves. We will also use these images in our rent control opposition campaign.

Do you have:

  • Pictures of run-down, dilapidated, or boarded up properties from 70's, 80's, or 90's?
  • Pictures of rent control boards or related litigation scenes?
  • Pictures of dumpsters or construction projects that appeared following repeal in 1994?
  • Copies of newspapers, articles, newsletters, or other advocacy or reporting that was done from that era?

Please either

  1. mail copies or originals (we will return them at our expense) to headquarters at 1 Broadway, Floor 14, Cambridge, MA 02142, or
  2. upload pictures or scans of your material using the "secure upload" button (scroll down at the "Contact Us" page).

In whatever you send, also send a manifest that indicates for each image when it was taken and what it was taken of. You can approximate dates or locations if you aren't sure.

Monitor City Websites for Hearings

Our early warning system is configured to alert members to city council and zoning board hearings. Sometimes, items on the agenda are critically important. The only way we know is a volunteer like yourself gets an email from our system. Learn more about the early warning system.

Our Current Board of Directors

We have five volunteers at the state-wide Board of Directors who serve a five-year term. Our directors are profiled on our governance page.

We have about 50 volunteers locally at Boards of Advisors, and at partner association Boards of Directors. These teams focus on issues local to Boston/Cambridge/Somerville, Greater Waltham, MetroWest, Central Worcester, Northern Worcester County, Southern Worcester County, Greater Springfield, Holyoke, and Pittsfield (Berkshire north and south county, as well). (We know lots of folks in Merrimack Valley, North and South Shore, Greenfield, Attleboro, Taunton, New Bedford, and the Cape and Islands are currently not served by MassLandlords chapters. Let us know if you have a local connection to a venue or a group there!)

How Volunteering Works

Volunteers play many roles, from providing input at small group dinners to speaking at public hearings in city hall or the state house. There’s a chance for everyone to contribute, including people who just want to review emails and websites from home.

Annual elections happen in December. If you’re interested in helping in any way big or small, ask us for an e-introduction to your local board, or introduce us to people we should know. We are meeting during the summer to discuss our upcoming certification program. You would be welcome to participate!

Read our bylaws online.

Want to discuss volunteering or introductions?

We can be reached by email or phone at 774-314-1896.

Send us an email.



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