MassLandlords Annual Election Results 2021: Sullivan

In December, MassLandlords members voted in our annual business meeting on the next director to succeed Russell Sabadosa on our five-member volunteer board. We met our quorum target of 484 responses, with 486 members participating online including abstentions.

Who Ran in the 2021 Election?

The nominees were Allyson Gray, Sanjiv Reejhsinghani and Patrick Sullivan, all long-time members and strong supporters.

Please join us in thanking both Allyson and Sanjiv for their willingness to serve. In an organization of over 2,400 members, every bit of public spirit and volunteering adds up to an increasingly impressive state-wide organization, and a positive force for the creation of better rental housing in Massachusetts.

A box and whisker plot showing election results for the 2021 election on a scale of 0 to 5 for Allyson Gray, Sanjiv Reejhsinghani, and Patrick Sullivan. Allyson Gray did well and shows a concentrated band of support. Sanjiv Reejhsinghani and Patrick Sullivan showed higher overall support and nearly identical ranges of scores, wider than Allyson's range of scores.

The distribution of scores shows that no candidate was divisive.

How was the 2021 Election Carried Out?

We haven’t had in-person meetings in a while, so all voting was electronic. Members were asked to rate candidates on a score of 0 to 5 using a score voting ballot.

Allyson Gray’s total score was 626, average 3.8. Sanjiv Reejhsinghani’s total score was 651, average 3.9.  Patrick Sullivan’s score was 696, average 4.0. It was a very close election and clearly any of the three would have well represented the membership.

Picture of Patrick Sullivan. Patrick is wearing a gray hoodie with the logo of "Obtainable Sobriety" on it, two people with outstretched arms to form the roof of a house. Patrick wears a goatee and moustache. Image courtesy Patrick Sullivan.

Patrick Sullivan of Obtainable Sobriety is our next of five active directors.

Who Won the 2021 Election?

Patrick Sullivan has been elected to the board. This is based on receiving the highest total score out of all scores assigned.

How Can I Get Involved in 2022?

There are volunteer roles at the state and local level available at

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