Letter from the Executive Director for August 2023: Foundations Shored Up

We missed running the usual number of events in July, as usual, but staff put the time to good use. We finally finished our automatic testing framework for our website. We also got Board approval for bylaws changes, dealt with the absence of a team member and prepared to make better business update videos. In reverse order:

I’m pleased to report that we have afforded, acquired and implemented better video update hardware. Our video business updates, which were paused due to lower-than-target engagement, ought to be back soon. We hope that with higher resolution video, audio and more YouTube-friendly editing, we should be able to provide video business updates that folks want to watch.

A dedicated and long-serving team member in finance has taken an unexpected leave of absence. We have been able to reallocate responsibilities among the rest of the financial controls team.

A series of bylaws changes are to be proposed for MassLandlords. These should help enshrine certain cultural aspects of how we run things, including our Certified Massachusetts Landlord™ program and also our Policy Priorities Survey. At our most recent Board Meeting, the Board approved nine changes. Member questions and suggestions were, at time of writing, scheduled to be heard July 28 and will be voted on at this year’s annual meeting.

Our website development has been understaffed, but at long last we finally have automatic testing in place. This allows us to develop new features with confidence that existing features won’t break. This should also allow us to gut renovate. We know the site runs slowly. We have it in mind to make it run much faster.

If you haven’t already heard, new rules for summary process (eviction) cases are now in effect. We most recently covered this at an event on June 26. Make sure you are serving renters twice: once for the notice, and again for the Tier 1 event. Also, RAFT rental assistance has been cut.

In addition to bringing you these updates, we continue to operate our core services. All of our expertise and advocacy benefits owners, managers and service providers of rental housing across the industry. And there is so much work to do! Please join as a member, become a property rights supporter or increase your level of support.


Douglas Quattrochi
Executive Director
MassLandlords, Inc.



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