In Memory of George Valeri

George (left) was good friends with Sandra Katz (center) shown here receiving from George and Doug Quattrochi (right) her recognition as final president of WPOA before MassLandlords.

George Valeri was one of the Board of Directors when MassLandlords was being created.

We are very sad to announce the passing of our friend George Valeri. George was a highly dedicated member of WPOA for over 30 years. He served as a member of the board of directors and as the president of WPOA before it became MassLandlords. George was always making an effort to support his fellow members and our organization as a whole. He contributed so much to MassLandlords’ growth through the freedom he allowed us to have, he even offered to loan money to us to get things off the ground.George was fiercely loyal to his friends; a tough but reasonable man. He was always doing what he could to help his friends, family and fellow members. We were fortunate enough to have George join us at the March WPOA meeting to talk about the impressive renovations he had made to one of his properties. He worked for 4 years to take a fire disaster and turn it into a beautiful 10 room rooming house. During his presentation, we got invaluable advice from one of the most experienced pros on how to renovate with class on a budget. The recording we took of his presentation that night serves as one last record of his active ambition to make a positive difference.

Doug and Sandra and all of us at WPOA will miss George’s advice, experience, and unflappable dedication to creating better rental housing in Worcester and all of Massachusetts.
We will remember George as the loyal, caring and successful man he was.

Friends and relatives attended calling hours on Sunday, March 26th from 3pm to 7pm at the Mercadante Funeral Home & Chapel in Worcester. George Valeri was involved in local city government and was also a Teamster. The line was out the door at times and was approximately an hour long throughout the wake.

MassLandlords Worcester members attended both the wake and the funeral.

This plaque was presented to George when he completed his term as director of the newly created MassLandlords

George’s Example of Volunteerism

George Valeri was one of the board of directors when MassLandlords was being created. He volunteered to serve the Worcester Property Owners Association and the former Massachusetts Rental Housing Association for many years. He saw the opportunity to create MassLandlords and strongly supported current staff in this mission.

We can follow George’s example by volunteering for our local boards of directors or advisors. MassLandlords is not yet fully staffed, and there is a lot of work to be done by volunteers. Also, some things can never be done by state-wide staff, like keeping our finger on the pulse of local government and making deep local connections.

The best way to honor George’s memory is to help your local chapter. See the dedications section of this newsletter for names of people to contact.

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