Beware of Tub Overflow Drains With Rusted Screws

Nothing ends a job before it’s started like a rusted screw. Tub overflow drains in older houses are especially prone to this, and if it happens to you, you may find it impossible to snake the tub or fix a malfunctioning stopper. During your preventative maintenance rounds, make sure that…

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Ice Breaker Mats Really Work

We first learned about ice breaker mats years ago, and we know from a member’s long-time experience that these mats really work and last for years. The principle is simple: if you step on a squishy surface coated in ice, the underlying surface will deform and crack the ice instead…

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Few Pull-Chain Options Left for Ceiling Lamps

Old houses with hard-to-snake rooms have relied on pull chain lamps to get central lighting. Ten years ago there were a variety of pull chain lamps marketed online and through big box stores as such. That has changed slowly, such that now there are only really three options. First, there’s…

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