Tech Insider: Shower Turns Color to Tell You “You’ve Had Enough”

tech insider color changing showerAs shared on our Facebook page, Tech Insider has a shower that will make water-conscious landlords rejoice!

This hot new shower head might easily pay for itself.

Water usage is probably the last major utility to be passed on to tenants. The 2006 Massachusetts law that allows landlords to submeter is problematic to implement legally, so it is less commonly done than electrical or gas submetering. But now there's a technology solution to the rescue.

This shower head uses the water pressure in the line to generate power. No battery required! It tracks water used each shower.

When a tenant has used a little water, the shower glows a happy green. When a tenant is using a normal amount of water, it glows blue. Blinking red is equivalent to the landlord tapping the tenant on the shoulder and saying, "Okay, that's clean enough."

The shower doesn't actually shut off the water, but the blinking red will create crushing guilt so the tenant will hurry up and finish. Or else they'll turn their bathroom into a night club. We'll have to wait and see.

If you're interested in buying these for your properties, watch the video. We have contacted Hydrao and we'll see if we can get a bulk discount based on interest.

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