WPOA November 2014

Legal Tools for Landlords

At this event, we talked about three different things all related to the law: Affirmation and discovery for tenants, section 1031 Exchanges, and managing contractors.

We began the evening with our monthly Business Update. Click here to watch the video

We then moved on to affirmation and discovery for tenants by member and Attorney Craig Ornell. Click here to watch the video

Next we heard all about Section 1031 Exchanges from Tim Halligan of The Exchange Authority. Section 1031 exchanges let you sell one investment property and purchase another without paying capital gains. It's a complicated process but Tim Halligan of the Exchange Authority did a great job explaining it to our members. So good, in fact, that we had an encore performance two weeks later for those who missed it the first time. Click here to watch the video

And last but not least, Julio Vega of White Picket Fence discussed Managing Contractors. Click here to watch the video

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