WPOA January 2014


At our first meeting of 2014, James Brooks, Lead Rehabilitation Specialist for the City of Worcester, shared some interesting statistics, including average rents in the city, foreclosure counts, and plans to rehabilitate certain neighborhoods, like Union Hill. Mr. Brooks also talked about programs available to help investors with grants, including for lead rehabilitation and energy efficiency. Click here for video and resources

Attorney Michael J. Reed of law firm Reed & Reed was also there to share the perspective of an attorney who’s trying to help homeowner’s avoid foreclosure, as well as an overview of the post 2008 situation. Click here for video and resources

Our final presenter, Nilton Lisboa of Lisboa Realty, joined us to discuss buying a foreclosure as an investment property and how not to turn off a foreclosure realtor, who you need on your team to get any kind of good deal. Click here for video and resources

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