April 2018

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Executive Director Doug Quattrochi started with a business update.

Part I: For “Ways to Make More Money,” we’ll be presenting the best tips and tricks we’ve learned from talking with hundreds of landlords over the years. We’ll start with easy stuff like knowing your water pressure (you do know your water pressure, right?) and work up from there. A major portion of the presentation will be strategies for negotiating higher rent. We’ll end with guidance on leaving paper checks behind and going digital with online rent collection that fits tenants’ income patterns. Don’t miss these strategies for improving your bottom line. Real estate is a great way to build wealth over time.

This segment will be presented by Doug Quattrochi, Executive Director of MassLandlords, Inc. MassLandlords members represent the experience of tens of thousands of rental units, and each presentation a new idea comes up that gets worked into subsequent presentations. Come prepared to learn some great ideas but also please think about what you want to share with the room. Together we’ll make this a meeting our balance sheets and the Commonwealth’s housing stock will thank us for.

Part II: Although the sexy-scary term we all know is “hard money lending,” we’ll be covering the whole spectrum of lending options available to real estate investors and related businesses, including leasing, sale / leasebacks, revolving lines of credit, purchase order financing, factoring, and finally, private placements (aka hard money loans). We’ll learn what kinds of projects are appealing to whom, how to pitch yourself as a borrower, and how to exit creative financing once your project fits into a cookie-cutter mortgage.

This segment will be presented by Dennis Coy, Senior Partner at Capital and Financial Center. This is his 45th year in corporate finance; having spent 22 years in commercial banking (Shawmut and Bank of Boston) and then since 1994 he has operated his own commercial finance brokerage firm. He has been involved in small deals ($ 100,000’s) as well as large ones over those years; the single largest loan he’s worked on was for $150,000,000. Dennis even has been involved in financing aircraft, ships, and even a railroad company; plus all sorts of real estate deals such as strip malls, fix and flips, commercial owner occupied, mixed use, etc.

This is part of the Worcester Rental Real Estate Networking and Training series.



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