Tips to Eliminate Moisture Problems

Moisture is the key ingredient for mold, one of the costliest issues to resolve.

According to, 98% of all moisture movement in new construction happens through air leaks. If you're building something new, there is great advice about moisture management in this article.
Basement Moisture Copyright: <a href=''> / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
For the rest of us, we're stuck with our old houses. Here moisture problems commonly result from plumbing:

  • splashing tub
  • leaking drain pipes, especially rotted cast iron
  • unvented or under-vented bathrooms

Prevent Moisture with Maintenance

You can stay ahead of moisture with some preventative maintenance:

  • Install bathroom vents during vacancies
  • Make a quarterly pass through the basement looking for
    • slow drips
    • corroded copper
    • moist wood
    • orange or white fungus
    • or other indications of failing plumbing
  • Make sure that surfaces around tubs are caulked or grouted completely
  • replace original cast iron if you have the wall open for another reason

Plumbing repairs are expensive, but mold can be devastating. Don't let little leaks blossom into big problems.

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