Thousands Saved Per Year by MassLandlords Members via Home Depot Discount

By Eric Weld, MassLandlords, Inc.

It stands to reason that MassLandlords members spend a lot of money at The Home Depot. The largest home improvement retailer in the world, with 2,300 stores – 45 in Massachusetts – stocks a panoply of tools, supplies, accessories, gadgets and large items for maintaining, renovating, beautifying and outfitting homes and rental units of all sizes.

A husband and wife, Matt and Kelli Slowik, stand facing the camera in a room of a house they are renovating, with open beams on the ceiling and walls.

Matt and Kelli Slowik, owners of Revival Homebuyers in Springfield, Mass., estimate they’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars via the MassLandlords Home Depot preferred pricing program.

As a perk of membership, MassLandlords members can save money on many items every time they shop at Home Depot – in-store or online – via their store discount. In many cases, the Home Depot discount will surpass the amount MassLandlords members pay for membership dues.

In other words, joining MassLandlords could potentially net money in the bank just by using the Home Depot discount through the year, not to mention the long list of other membership benefits.

Spend More, Save More

According to Home Depot records, MassLandlords members saved an average of 8% on Home Depot purchases in 2021. The collective spend at Home Depot by MassLandlords members was $1,634,938, with savings of more than $122,000. So far, 2022 collective savings has increased to nearly 13%.

Of course, with a discount benefit, the more you spend, the more you save. MassLandlords member Matthew Slowik, owner of Revival Homebuyers, a home-buying and selling company based in Springfield, Mass., saved 14% on recent purchases.

“The benefits of the MassLandlords Home Depot preferred pricing aided me during a time when product availability was low and costs were at an all-time high,” Slowik recently told MassLandlords. During a renovation of a 2,615-square-foot multifamily in Holyoke, Slowik spent $11,033 at Home Depot for items including lumber, sheetrock, flooring, plumbing and paint. His savings on these purchases: $1,603. “I can say with confidence, anyone who chooses to take part in the MassLandlords Home Depot preferred pricing will experience similar benefits.”

Savings = More than Membership Dues

Home Depot savings vary by product and over time because the MassLandlords discount is based on tracking of items purchased by members. For that reason, a member could potentially save 99% on a given item, nothing at all, or a percentage within that large range.

One member in 2020 reported saving more than $3.50 – 99% – on a pair of gloves priced at $3.56. Another member posted savings of $420 on a purchase totaling $1,700 – more than 25%.

We conducted our own Home Depot shopping test in 2021 with a purchase of random items. Our savings included 6% off the purchase of a $1,600 refrigerator, a 13% discount on a flush mount lighting fixture, 4% off caulk and 1% saved on lumber.

Our total saved from that single test purchase surpassed the amount of annual MassLandlords dues (based on one unit level membership).

Home Depot Benefit Expanded in 2021

In 2021, the MassLandlords Home Depot discount was expanded from primarily paint purchases to the entire store inventory. Now, members can save on purchases in all departments: appliances, cookware, bed and bath, home office and furniture, kitchen and dining, tools, automotive, lumber, plumbing and electric, and of course, still, paint.

We have prioritized our partnership with Home Depot to be able to offer this exclusive discount to our members. From 2014 to 2021, our Home Depot discount was only available for large purchases via the PRO desk, and on paint. We expanded the discount in summer 2021 in order for all our members to benefit. Discounts now apply to all member purchases with no limit on purchase size.

For (Verified) MassLandlords Members Only

In order to use the MassLandlords Home Depot preferred pricing, you must be both a landlord and a current member in good standing. (We will verify unit ownership.)

To start saving at Home Depot, go to and register as a MassLandlords “purchaser.” You will then receive an invitation to join the MassLandlords Home Depot account.

(Please be aware: there may be a slight delay in processing your Home Depot preferred pricing account as we complete human verification of your MassLandlords membership.)

View our Home Depot benefit page for more details.

Then start saving on your next trip to Home Depot.

*MassLandlords, Inc., receives an affiliate commission when members purchase items through our preferred pricing program.

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