Home Depot Benefits Expanded

MassLandlords members can now participate in two new membership savings: We can save at Home Depot in-store and online under our "preferred pricing" model, and we can save on Home Depot gift cards via our gift card purchase lottery. MassLandlords receives a marketing affiliate commission for member spend.

Home Depot Center Aisle Natick MA. CC-BY-SA John Phelan

Preferred Pricing

Starting in summer 2021, Home Depot extended bid room pricing to all MassLandlords member purchases, however small, but only if the member is a registered purchaser on the MassLandlords account. Discounts may now apply to more than just paint, and there is no minimum purchase amount required for registered purchasers. Any applicable discounts are applied automatically at checkout, both online and in store.

Discounts are based on MassLandlords spend. For instance, we collectively spent $1,017,893 in 2020. Based on the spend in all the various product categories (lumber, hardware, plumbing, lighting fixtures, appliances, caulk and dozens more), we have prearranged discounts for each category. The discounts vary over time based on market conditions.

MassLandlords tested this process in March 2021 during pre-release. We obtained the following discounts off items in our cart: 1% off lumber, 4% off caulk, 6% off a $1,600 fridge and 13% off a flush mount lighting fixture. This represented a total savings that surpassed MassLandlords annual dues.

MassLandlords members spent over $1 million in 2020 and saved almost $80,000, so we now advertise that members save “on average 7.5%.”

Savings vary over time and by product. You may save more or less than 7.5%, or you may save nothing on any given purchase. Last year's dollar record: one person saved more than $1,000 on a single purchase of more than $10,000 of lumber. Last year’s percent savings record: someone saved 99% on a $3.56 pair of gloves.

The happiest customer is surely Sophie in Worcester, who posted to the message boards that she saved $420 on a $1,700 purchase.

This program builds on the previous 20% off paint discount. Savings may now apply to all departments including kitchen and bath, lumber, flooring and wall coverings, plumbing, paint, hardware, garden/seasonal, building materials, millwork and electrical.

MassLandlords has designated regional sales representatives who can arrange free delivery and bulk discounts on orders of $1,000 or $8,000 at a time. Contact them prior to your purchase to confirm details and make arrangements.

If your own business will spend more than MassLandlords members collectively (e.g., $1 million per year), then you should not use the MassLandlords program. Instead, you should be in touch with your PRO Xtra representative for similar incentives applied to your own account.

Become a MassLandlords purchaser by enrolling online. Additional terms apply, principally: you must share your email address with Home Depot, and your access applies only while you remain a MassLandlords member in good standing.

Gift Card Purchase Lottery

MassLandlords receives a rebate on member spending in the form of Home Depot gift cards. Because MassLandlords headquarters doesn’t usually need to buy things at Home Depot, we sell these gift cards to members at a discount. Members can elect once to enter each subsequent lottery. If chosen, you will have two business days to complete the purchase of the card online, at a discount off face value, for pick up in person.

Currently cards are offered only in Central Worcester county, but we plan to expand the lottery to cover regions served by directly managed events. Participate in the lottery by enrolling online.

These benefits are available to members only. Join today.

Remember Advertisers and Suppliers

Remember that many generalist and specialty suppliers exist in your neighborhood besides Home Depot. They may offer a range of products and prices that will vary from what Home Depot offers and may better suit your needs. MassLandlords cannot guarantee any level of savings with Home Depot. This additional member benefit will make Home Depot or HomeDepot.com either a valuable supplier or point of comparison when planning any purchase.

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