An Act to Equalize Counsel in Eviction Proceedings


This bill would amend Section 46 of Chapter 221 of the General Laws. It would allow landlords who have an LLC or other corporation for their rental properties to represent themselves in summary process proceedings (evictions).

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Full Text of the Equal Counsel Bill

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Explanation of the Equal Counsel Bill

MGL 221 Section 46 says that corporations and other groups or companies cannot act as their own attorney, for either themselves or others. They can hire an in-house attorney to work for them and represent them, or retain an outside lawyer, but if they practice law or offer legal services otherwise, they can be fined. This includes landlords who have LLCs for their rental properties. Our bill would amend this law by adding the following text:
This addition says that this law, as written, would not apply to trusts, LLCs or corporations who wanted to represent themselves, instead of hiring a lawyer, in eviction proceedings.

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