Letter from the Executive Director for October 2022: Video Business Updates

September highlighted accelerating change in the real estate industry, particularly with respect to space heating and domestic hot water. Our video business updates covered this and more. We also returned to in-person staffed crash courses and welcomed two new contributors.

Business updates are now published by recorded video once or twice a week. If you haven’t been watching these, you’ll want to watch the latest action in our ongoing DHCD lawsuit, the end of TOPA in the 192nd session, our newly published non-renewal of lease form and changes to RAFT eligibility.

We also recorded two climate updates. First, we covered the fact that 10 towns will soon be able to require electrification, which is to say, ban new natural gas hookups. The war in Russia makes a switch from oil, in particular, urgent. The U.S. Secretary of Energy told Gov. Baker that oil disruptions are possible during storms this winter.

To be notified of new business updates as they are published, click “Update Subscription Preferences” from the bottom of any email we send other than a message board email. Or email hello@masslandlords.net and our team will set it up for you.

On Saturday, Sept. 10, we had our first in-person crash course in 30 months. Ten attended, below the normal 16 we’d expect. This is consistent with our experience at other in-person events, where attendance is typically half of pre-pandemic levels.

We continue to advance our policy objectives with the addition of two contributors not previously announced. First, Linda Levine joined us earlier this summer as Cambridge Records Scanner. Linda is painstakingly scanning the minutes from decades of Cambridge rent control board hearings. We will study these and educate the public about why rent control failed.

Second, Arjun Shanmugam has joined us as Eviction Data Researcher. Arjun is an intern for the purpose of examining the impact of evictions.

A scientific understanding of both rent control and evictions is necessary to craft real solutions. We’re happy to support Arjun and Linda’s contributions.

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Douglas Quattrochi

Executive Director

MassLandlords, Inc.