Hearing Rent Escrow, Right to Counsel, Eviction Sealing Tues Jul 16

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Thanks to our Property Rights Supporters, our early warning system has notified us of a major upcoming hearing:

Tuesday, July 16, 1p to 5p
State House, Rm A-1

Bill text does not remain constant during the legislative process, but it is critical that owners, managers, brokers, and others in the real estate industry speak in favor of or in opposition to the various bills being heard.

  • Do you think it’s unfair that a renter can trash your apartment and live there rent free while the courts make you fix it? If so, then you need to speak in favor of rent escrow, which would close the free rent trick loophole.
  • Do you think it’s unfair that landlords have to pay for an attorney, even if we don’t want one, and through our real estate and income taxes, now we will have to pay for our renter’s attorney, as well? If so, then you need to speak against one version of right to counsel.
  • Do you think it’s unfair that bad tenants — indeed all tenants — will have their names expunged from the eviction record, such that landlords have no way to know whether the applicant before them was evicted, or for what reason, or how much they disrupted their previous community? If so, then you need to speak against eviction sealing.

RSVP your attendance with the form below. We are scheduling refreshments at a nearby space, will send further instructions including talking points for these bills and more.


This hearing is history... ...but partisanship is not.

Property rights supporters ensure that landlords and tenants have equal input on policy.

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20 Responses to Hearing Rent Escrow, Right to Counsel, Eviction Sealing Tues Jul 16

  1. Bill Cosenza says:

    When are landlords going to be treated with dignity and respect,have the same legal rights as tenants, and not be ostracized by unjust laws produced by a biased system ???

  2. Brian Keaney says:

    I can’t stay the entire time, but if there is a moment that would be particularly helpful I would be glad to show up for a while. Also, you should color coordinate. Have everyone attending wear red, or blue, or polka dots or whatever. That way you can visually see the support in the room even if people aren’t speaking on the bills.

  3. John Glynn says:

    I would like to vote but cannot attend. Does this get recorded or my vote counted by submitting below?

    In favor of rent escrow
    against right to counsel
    against eviction sealing

  4. Richard Lysakowski says:

    It is not fair that renters can trash apartments where I live (which they did), and then live there while the courts take too much time to finish eviction proceedings, and then do not award the rent that is past due.

    I am definitely NOT in favor of eviction sealing. That should be made illegal because it violates the rights of property owners to do criminal and background checks on potential business customers. It will result in black market information about bad tenants being gathered by and sold to responsible landlords, who should not have to pay to have such services instituted. Eviction records must remain a matter of public record. Sealing bad tenant and eviction records will result in more extreme problems with problem tenants, and will raise the cost of renting for all tenants (good and bad ones).

  5. Stephen Bosco says:

    Will try my best to make it. Will members of the public (such as myself) have the right to speak?

  6. ALTA says:

    It is about time to push strongly in favor of rent escrow, against right to
    counsel and against eviction sealing. We already have enough with pro-tenant laws.

  7. Ed Kross says:

    I can not make it to the hearing, but I am in favor of rent escrow (less any exception regarding “undue hardship”). I am strongly opposed to eviction sealing. And I don’t think that providing free attorneys to tenants just to delay an eviction is the right way to go.

  8. Nita says:

    I’m unable to attend the hearing. I’m against hiding eviction records. Sadly, “problem” tenants continue to be rewarded for repeat bad behavior.

  9. Margie and Jorge Santos says:

    We will be unable to make it, do to a prior commitment. I don’t know if you can use this or not. We finally achieved the American Dream to have our own home. After being on the Sec 8 housing wait list for 11 years and living in the same apartment for 22 years, we stepped out in faith and bought a two family home. The only way we could do this was to have the tenant’s rent offset the mortgage. As landlords, we can not take a risk to rent the apartment to individuals who are known to play the free rent trick. If they delete their names from the Masscourts.org, they will be taking a valuable tool away from us which has protected us. Do they want dishonest renters to take advantage of my husband who is blind and partially deaf, my son who has autism and myself? The bill is wrong to offer tax payer funded lawyer to dishonest people. What about those of us who have desired to have their own home and done what is right? What about our rights? We pay our taxes, follow the law and delead the apartment, while sacrificing what we want fixed in our own home because the apartment pays our mortgage. We can’t afford an attorney so we would lose. Where will my family go? Do I have to do the free rent trick? I know it works. No thank you. I have a conscience and know that it’s dishonest to take advantage of others. Please do not let these bills pass and jeopardize others from losing their home and business.

  10. Jean A S says:

    I’m going to try to get there. I will not be able to get there at the beginning; does that mean I will not have a chance to speak?

    Also, I will try to attend this event in salem:

    Salem LWV Tenants’ Rights Forum
    Thursday, July 18, 6 PM – 8 PM
    Jean A Levesque Community Life Center, 401 Bridge St, Salem
    Join us for a discussion of Tenants’ Rights. If you pay rent, this forum is for you. If you are a landlord, this forum is for you. We will also cover housing legislation that seeks to improve tenants’ rights.
    Speakers: Alex Mitchell-Munevar from Greater Boston Legal Services and Sen Joan Lovely.

  11. John J Connolly says:

    I would like to vote but cannot attend.
    Please Considered my submission as a vote:

    In favor of rent escrow
    against right to counsel
    against eviction sealing

  12. Kathleen says:

    Please note that although I am unable to attend, I find it an important time that landlords show their support. Tenants have enough rights as it is in MA. If they wish to fight in court then they should have to hire an attorney as everyone else does, or attorneys should be provided to everyone.

  13. Okhee Hong says:

    I checked for virtual attendance. Will it affect same as attending?
    I m against all measures unfairly helping tenants.

  14. Yvonne McQuilkin says:

    I cannot attend, but am in favor of rent escrow, and against right to counsel, and against eviction sealing

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