Ford’s Pest of the Month: Japanese Beetle Grub

Japanese Beetle GrubThe European Japanese Beetle Grub is a larvae which measures ½-1” long with hair extending out of its back end.  They have a one-year life cycle starting in June-July when their eggs are laid in your lawn.  Upon hatching, the larvae will start feeding voraciously on turf grass roots until late summer and fall.  As the climate starts to freeze the larvae tunnel below the frost levels to over winter.  In the spring, they resume feeding and pupate in May-June.  The Japanese Beetle then emerges as an adult and so the cycle will begin again.  The entire lawn-especially in sunny areas, will be destroyed.

You can try to control this yourself by applying the correct pesticide according to the label directions but hiring a knowledgeable (licensed) turf management company, like Ford’s Hometown Services, who will not only eliminate your grub problem but also will help restore your damaged turf.

Geoff Ford, Vice President
Ford’s Hometown Services

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