How to Fix a Loose Door Hinge

A loose door hinge with stripped screw holes can be very annoying. The door won’t close, or won’t stay closed, and the only solution seems to be a big carpentry job. Do you really have to remove the jamb and place in a new one? No! Fortunately, there’s a fast and easy way to fix a loose door hinge.

Plastic chopsticks (top) are to be avoided. Wooden chopsticks (center) can work. Image CC-SA Aevar Arnfjoro Bjarmason.

Remove the loose screws from the hinge. Fold the hinge away. Support the door if necessary by shimming underneath the far end with a rag or folded paper (or if you have one, an actual wooden shim).

Insert something wooden into the hole. A perfectly sized dowel makes for a professional looking job. But we’ve heard of all kinds of things being used, from golf tees to chopsticks. Insert whatever it is you’re using with a little wood glue. If necessary, use a chisel or a Dremel rotating tool to cut the ends flush with the hinge surface.

You can now drill straight into the wooden insert to replace the screws. Voila, door fixed!

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