MassLandlords is a growing federation of groups of owners. Some groups are directly managed by MassLandlords staff. Other groups are independent associations that contract with MassLandlords for services and benefits. You can join any participating group here, and we will allocate your dues to the correct chapter. If we do not yet cover your region, join as a Digital member.

Participating Groups

Alphabetical by name of group except for Digital, at the end. Groups are allowed to overlap geographically.



Charles River Rental Housing Association




Metro West Property Owners Association


Rental Housing Association of Greater Springfield


Southern Worcester County Landlord Association


Worcester Property Owners Association


Digital (Other Region/All Regions)


Other Groups

These groups are not chapters and you’ll need to contact them to get involved.  Plus we can’t vouch for their quality of service.  In rough order from West and North to East and South:

If you’re closest to a non-participating group, digital membership may be for you.





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