Tax Refund Warning from Attorney General Maura Healey

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey. CC-BY-SA: Wikimedia, Edahlpr According to what Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said on Boston Public Radio, the fastest growing form of identity theft is stealing tax refunds. We’re no experts, but it sounds like the scheme goes like this: The criminal finds something like a W-2…

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Massachusetts Dual Tax Rates: A Case Study in Worcester

graph of residential growth vs. real estate tax rates

The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce has asked for our help.  Recently I visited there to ask how we could work together.  After all, we both represent businesses sharing the same city.  I was greeted by Tim Murray, Executive Director, and Stu Loosemore, Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy. …

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June 2014 Newsletter

Read exactly what was emailed In This Issue: Letter from the Executive Director How to Avoid Creating a “Tenant from Hell” $23,000 Settlement for Failure to Disclose, Address Lead Boston Globe Writes of “Shadow Campus,” City Calls for 1,500 Inspections New Premium Content on Tips to Help your Tenant…

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How to Depreciate Rental Property

Clydecoast Ruins of Newark Castle

Landlords get to write off their expenses much like any other business. Certain expenses, however, have to be written off over a number of years. This article explains how to depreciate rental property and what are some of the common questions landlords face. What is Depreciation? Say something for your…

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