Angie’s List Now Free! All Landlords Should Sign Up

angies-list-freeNeed a service person, but don’t know who to trust? Try Angie’s List.

The website used to have a paywall, but as of June, Angie’s List offers one level free! This is huge, especially for the smaller landlords who don’t have money to spend on another membership, or time to spend vetting people.

According to the site, Angie’s List Green MembershAnchorip includes:

  • Access to top-quality service providers
  • Trusted ratings
  • More than 10 million verified reviews
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Award-winning digital content from Angie’s List Magazine

If you want to pay a little each month, you can become silver or gold members and have direct support or other privileges. Angie’s List describes it in the following way: “Like a personal assistant, our customer service team can match you with a highly-rated provider, book estimates if you want them, schedule your job and manage follow up communication—saving you the time-consuming work of hiring providers.”

Not to fret, the MassLandlords service provider directory is not becoming a thing of the past. Instead, watch for it to morph into a more useful, unique service. We’ll have more on this change in upcoming communications.

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