A Recommended Screening Service

2015: We wrote an article a while back comparing screening options.

Small landlords who want to see a real FICO score without an on-site inspection should click the SmartScreen ad we're now running on the site. Each SmartScreen report you order by clicking from MassLandlords.net supports our work.

No Site Inspection Required

Many landlords were grandfathered in and never had site inspections. New landlords usually need to be inspected. New small landlords operating out of their kitchen cannot pass an on-site inspection. This is why we looked for (and found) SmartScreen.

The Best Value for Low Volume Screeners

If you have fewer than four vacancies a year, SmartScreen is the cheapest way to get real credit data. If you have four vacancies or more each year, you can save money with another service by paying their monthly or annual fees in exchange for a lower per-report cost.

SmartScreen has no monthly or annual fee. Some competitors are cheaper but they don't give real credit data, they only give you a surrogate score. Be careful. If you don't get an actual FICO score, you are paying for someone else to evaluate the tenant's credit. You get what you pay for.

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