5 Reasons to Nominate for the Board of Directors Right Now

Nominations are now open for the 2018 annual elections to the Board of Directors. Under our form of term limits, a director must rotate off every year and a new member volunteer to take their seat. Here are five reasons why you should nominate yourself or someone you know right now.

Reason One: Have Fun

Let’s face it, sending emails and texts is actually fun. Wherever you are in Massachusetts or beyond, you click or tap “send,” and then as fast as the speed of light we see it here! You can email hello@masslandlords.net or reply to any event-related text. Or you can call and leave a voicemail, 774-314-1896. We’ll get that pretty fast, too.

Reason Two: Show Off

Serving on the MassLandlords Board of Directors is a legitimate responsibility. We’re a recognized 501(c)6 trade association. We have a tax ID (22-2606893). We have almost 4,000 newsletter subscribers (“any day now”). You can connect with us on LinkedIn and impress your network.

Whether you nominate yourself or a member, serving on the Board is a great way to show that you can be trusted with important, breakable things.

Reason Three: Give Back

If you have a rental property, you sometimes have dirty work to do. But overall, things are probably going pretty okay for you. If you lost your job, you’d still have a place to live. Just sublet a room from your renter! Our policy work will help the Commonwealth create better rental housing, and ultimately, make “home” for everyone who wants it. Help us help our members do this.

Reason Four: Take Charge

Running to be one of five independent directors means you can steer the conversation. And it means no one can stop you going totally rogue, like the radical anarcho-arborist that you are. “Trees on every property!” can be your campaign slogan. Uproot convention. Go ahead, branch out.

Just one word of caution: we will vote.

Reason Five: Look Ahead

The best reason to be a Director is because MassLandlords has incredible potential. As a Director, you can expect at least one dinner at the 99 Restaurant in downtown Worcester, possibly many more if we’re successful. We may also eventually each get a special nametag ribbon for events. Really, the perks are endless.

Also we’re rolling out the new service provider directory, leading the fight to protect property rights, and much more. But our main joy is looking forward to the 99!
Don’t delay, nominate now so our smart, funny, public-spirited Board of Directors can continue building the first professional staffed trade association for landlords in Massachusetts.